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The Hulk: part 1 of 2 is up

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This is the first part of the 8 min Hulk movie. The who;e movie is too big to put on all at once (107mb) So this first part will be on for a day and then part 2 will be on for about a week. I would be thankful if someone could host this first part


P.S Part one is mostly story line. Not much action, but the rest of the movie won't make sence without it. :shock:

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Its not located anywhere because I had to take it off line. If I can get someone to upload it then they will be up. I have the collection still (thank god)

Mta video

Bad Santa

Bad Santa 2

one man stunt show

70's batman


James Bond*

If anyone could up load these (except for the * ones) then you guys can get them again or I can email them to you.

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when your 2 nd part comes out dont make a new topic, just edit the name of this one and put both links here.

nah he didnt made a new thread for the 2nd part, he made a new thread for the first one OMG :!:

Hunter: seems like you open more threads than submit posts so PLEASE EDIT!

:arrow:locked the other thread

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