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Vice city crash after the Rockstar vid ?

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So that's what i found guys, i lauchn a freshly new vice city without mta to configure my video, and what append...vice just make 2 fuck*in unhandled after the rockstar movie at start :!:

so i tried again to reinstall, i removed mta, puting old version, same thing...too strange no ?

after 6 or 10 install, i tried something, removing my video codecs cause i see on official board of vice that the nimo pack codec can crahs the game... So what i installed before vice ?, the new K-lite codecs 2.20f...and that's it, installing by defaut these codecs make the game crash on my compter (XP, 2800+), the strange thing is that the old k-lite (2.05) doesnt crash the game :shock:

the solution i think and that's i do : install the 2.20f but uncheck all the filters video, and just check what you need. you dont need to reinstall vice if you get these unhandled a the start of the game, just remove the k-lite 2.20f, or find what filter inside make the game crashing 8)

hope that's help lot of people !!!!

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