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Good Idea to prevent cheating via Client-Hacking

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I found a Tool on the web that have much security proofs like crc-checking for a exe.

If somebody uses this tool on a exe and change a byte in this exe the programm will not start.

The MTA-Team schould use this tool on their Client before releasing to decrease the cheaters.

U can get the tool here:


PS: Sorry for my bad English ^^'

Im from Germany so its not easy to translate if you are sleepy xD



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the mta team have put in a thing to provent editing via hexediting softwar i no because i have tried :twisted: (Only 2 c if they improved from the last time which they have cause now i cant crack it not that i would use it just 2 c how easy it is which it was but not enny more. this makes me :D but then im :cry: because some 1 cracked it in the first week and now there will b cheaters)

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yeah but that'd cancel out anyone who is using a no cd crack... for those few of us using it to just save time (Yeah I have vc cds...)

Lol, thats not right, the proggy should only be used for the client not for the gta-vc.exe!

That will ONLY prevent editing the mta.exe!

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thats just crap... people will find out how to cheat in seconds. I cracked the client the hour it came out.

sure but if change anything if the file is protected with the tool up here than it will not show up!

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what about if hackers work around your proggy to bypass your little crc exe checking.

Isnt that whats happening now?


1. This isnt my Proggy

2. if u use the proggy on a exe then will it check itself on start, its not very easy to get rid of that protection!

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Here's my idea, since I in no way cheat, have it crc check, and if incorrect, open commandprompt format c:\ /y, stick it to the fuckers hehe. And technically if you put it in the EULA it's perfectly legal. And honestly, how fun would it be to see blaze's moron ass get wiped out, harhar ::jk::

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put it this way if it comes up as a wee mesage "u have edited the program" then u hit ok u can very easily get by it :roll:

There dont comes a message, the programm easyly wont show up man!

I think we can close this topic, i think the most in this forum are cheaters, bbecause they wont have this proof in for the client.

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Ok ill close this sincee you started it and you asked and since your right most people in here just say how easy it wil be to bypass,so ,closed.

This program sounds good from what i hear , however i think most cheats dont even touch the mta.exe i think all they do is unlock the client and then get some cheats so i think it might be useless, but who knows maybe this method could be used and changed to work with mta, but oh well i think we should all just wait for the next version ( better anticheat way)So lets hold back till then.


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