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Shameful Advertising :(


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Hallo all,

Just came to post to shamefully advertisng a place i spent time at :(

I am currently very pround to say I am part of a little radio station called The Energy Radio.com. We are always running 24/hrs a day unless a DJ hasnt turned up so if you want a tune there is always someone broadcasting.

What is it?

The NRG, is a radio station which has been online for over 3 or 4 years now, formally called Test Center Radio, The NRG was restyled and graphted to what it is today.

What Type of music do you play??

Put it this way, Any type you like!, we currently support a user request system where you can choose from the DJ's playlist. This can be found at http://usegoogleifyoureallywanttoknow.com

We current support Shoutcast & Windows Media Audio. Both streams have quailty for dial up users to broadband users.

For more information about that visit the Listen in page: http://edited

We now also have a new feature which can allow real users talk on the air, By donating a teamspeak server to our station, we have setup a simple system where the public can get a shoutout on the air. This will be used in my show which i will explaining next.

Friday Night Dance!

Starting on Friday 16th of January, TheEnergyRadio is going to take you through the deep twists of US, UK and Global dance music. From Trance to House, from 7pm - 12pm GMT. Half of the night is presentent by myself, DJ Trance live in the mix, taking your requests, shout-outs and Generally kicking ass :lol:

Finally from 9.30pm onwards we go live in the mix to bring a bit of energy live through your speakers, DJ GilesB will be broadcasting live from his decks to us all. This is a weekly event which we feel is worth it. We hope to see you around and tuning in.

Sorry about the shameful advertising :(

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