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*Drum Roll* HERE IT IS!!!! POST 192!!!1!1!1!1!!!!

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oh my god...I've waited all my life for this.....well...I have a few people i would like to thank

ijs: for always being there for me, even when it was snowing...

MrBill: for shoveling my drive way when it rained....poor soul i just didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't necesary...

Iggy: for getting the chips that were on the top shelf at the grocery store... i'll never thank you enough for that

MrBump: for building me a tobogan and painting it red....the color of love :oops:

blokker: for giving me 10 bucks as i pined u against that locker... couldnt have done it without ya ol' chap

Ransom: for going through my dresser and poking holes in my condoms... i got 3 of em pregnant cuz of that :cry: thank god for abortions

xerox: for proclaiming that you invented the spice girls....truly a great accomplishment

kungfugrip: for shouting through the door whilst i was shitting "Laces up!!!!"

'me': for holding hands with me as i wept through "how the grinch stole christmas"

pi: for building me a sculpture of DeathB's mom naked...truly a work of art

DeathB: for the sensual massage you gave me when i was aching from a hard day of missioning your birth giver

crispy: for teaching me the words to "the real slim shady" 14 times

sgb: for divorcing DeathB to marry me

zircon: for letting me show you what it's like to have a phone in hand whilst on the computer

prophet: for buying me 17 copies of super mario 2 when u swore it was gonna be worth money some day

gamefreek: for mowing my lawn every sunday afternoon

posty: for bagging my groceries when you could have been doing something better, like selling your box

dealer: for informing me about the history of the "scroll lock" key

bizarre: for not returning my calls

xenex: for rush-fedexing me a life size stand up of "the rock" and saying that you were related to him

cray: for getting me the red mega mega man (i still want the yellow one)

eai: for always willing to play army toys with me, even at the age of 15

robpol86: for pointing out that i should purchase my meat from redners because it is packaged better

slothman: for introducing me to the wonderful world of education

curly: for literally cutingt jacking time in half by eliminating porn hunting, just settling for his sig picture

i just cant thank everyone enough! you guys helped me win this award, thank u so much! *tear rolls down eye*

/me runs off stage crying (tripping on the way down and bruising my knee)

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