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MTA Mod Pack - brainstorm thread

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Here's my suggestion... A standard collection of mods for GTA3:MTA.

Standard added cars, added skins, and so on.

And servers send to users skins that they are missing,

so anyone can add a new skin at whim and play it online,

as everyone on the server would get it sent to them as the

new user logs in.

Maybe car skins as well... a user can log in,

take their car to a paint shop, and choose a skin to

upload to the server and paste onto the car.

Also, synchronized automatic updates as new official

releases come out... That'd probably be something for



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If I did, I would start simply by packaging all the mods together

and giving instructions how to install them all.

Version one!

Programming what have you can follow later, That would be

functional with only a days work or so.

So the question that would first need to be asked is, what mods would

be included in a pack that would realistically expand gta3 in terms of

diversity in cars and player/ped skins?

Let me know what you all think...


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I'd be more than happy to code that into the game. But if you have a 'pack' of stuff that comes with every distribution of this mod, why would you need this? If you are using custom skins, maybe, but is it really necessary for it to be that functional? Making the client check for up to date versions is easy enough (and a good addition).

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The automatic update was an idea to keep everyone on the same

page without having to introduce server/client version incompatibility.

Either way has it's evils.

The skins should be pretty simple to keep up to date for peds,

I don't know how difficult it is to import a car skin into gta.

I just think that the gta city should have some more variety

in a multiplayer incarnation.


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I could be wrong, but i seem to remember player skins are pretty

small, about the size of an average webpage jpg. I don't

think that would be much to download at the time that you

connect to a server.

A pack would be a pain for 56k'ers to download, but as is the

way with any software you download over a 56k modem.

Maybe the pack could be optional, the real goal is to have

a gta3 realism expansion that's standardized across the

board, not to force everybody to use it.

As for the invisible skin, i have not seen this, but if it's just

a skin, I'd bet it's pretty easy to detect on the client side.

I'm gonna go look at what mods are out there.


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Auto FTP is a very bad idea. Hackers, like myself, take advantage of this to break into others comps. I would not, but others like my would with ease. I only hack into big, greedy businesses.

Read the thread for custom maps. I started similar suggestions for mods. ;)

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I think there are some mods that will be necessary for MTA to work properly or at least make it more fun to play. You should make an MD5-hash of all gta3 map & modelfiles, and on start of MTA, make a hash of all your files, send it to the server, and the server will compare it to it's own hashes. If it isn't the same, check if the hash is the same as the hash from the original files that ship on the cd with gta3.

:arrow: If you have the original, unmodded files, download the modded files automatically

:arrow: If you have files that are neither original nor MTA-modded, display a messagebox that you should copy original files from the cd and come back later.

I think you should put those downloadable files on a protected area on the site, so that no server can let you download custom, non-MTA files; if that happens, you will have problems connecting to a MTA server that does use the original or modded files.

Maybe this message is a little unclear, here's it in short:

:arrow: Make MD5-hashes of all files

:arrow: Connect to server

:arrow: Send hashes to server

:arrow: Server responds with OK (you have the modded files), an UPDATE and a list of files that should be downloaded and their corresponding URL's (you have the original files), or a NOT OK (you have unrecognised files) and the list of files that are not ok (and in which CAB they can be found on the cd?)

on an OK:

:arrow: Connect & play


:arrow: Client downloads all needed files from the right URL's

:arrow: Client starts all over again by making hashes of the changed files

on NOT OK:

:arrow: Display message to insert the CD and let MTA copy the right files. Maybe this is to difficult because the files are in a .CAB file, so if it's to difficult to program, just display a messagebox which says which original files to copy.

:arrow: When files are copied, start all over again by making hashes of the changed files

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nothing wrong with it, it's just that there is room for improvement. that's the point of mods.

some servers could run just plain mta, while others could runmta with some special changes, like rockstar heights, or the statue of liberty. it just adds variety.

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just so u know guys gta world online will have a moddel chosser wich will let u chosse bettween about 10 differnt ones also we will have new game modes only avaalible to gta world online,

also it will contain most of the stuff u have talked about in theis topic

so check out the redspike affilate :D

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well, we also have to think about the 56k'ers... downloading 20 megs of skins/mods is a little harsh for a 56k modem.

I would recommend those who have 56k.. not to play online at all!

Below cable sucks!

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