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*drum roll* and now, ladies and gentlemen. for post 1000!


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*walks up to the stage and takes the grammy*

omg this has been a dream of mine, i cant thank you guys enough! i couldnt have done this on my own though, i have to give my thanks out to a couple of people!

ijs: for dealing with my annoying chatter on msn

MrBill: for being the coolest asshole iv ever met j\k :lol:

Iggy: for reminding me the joys of growing up

MrBump: for keeping me in line *cough*

blokker: for pretending u care even if u dont :lol:

Ransom: for being the one of the coolest nerds iv ever met

xerox: for listenin to my annoying bable and then making sure to reply with even more annoying bable

kungfugrip: for supporting our alphabet soup gang

andyroososoft: for giving me a laugh many a time as i read his own descriptions of his videos

'me': for letting me add u to my msn so that i have a permenent place to annoy you at

pi: for being so damn cool

wheelman: for always being urself

crispy: for being the funniest shittalker iv ever heard

bloodymess and sam: for putting up with me

p90: for being the coolest 12 year old iv ever met

sgb: for marrying me

zircon: for showing me the joys of a good connection

prophet: for always being there to remind me that im not the biggest asshole around here j\k :lol:

bishop: for being urself *nuf said*

gamefreek: for showing me how many faces a person can have :lol:

posty: for showing me your pic :shock:

dealer: for realizing the joys of ulk and joining our alphabet soup gang

rawk: for letting me pwn u so many times :lol:

bizarre: for showing me why i never liked gangsters

aeron: for reminding me what the half life community is like

xenex: for devoting your whole life to the forums and irc

cray: for making this mod duh! :)

eai: for actually doing something about cheaters besides bitching like the rest of us :)

robpol86: for reminding me about how simple life is for some people

gokee: for being me

slothman: for being so understanding =p

twwixie!: for being... well for being TWWIXIE!!!!!!!!! :)

mikiro: for talking with me hours on end on msn over virtually meaningless stuff to keep me focused on my rather dull life :)

happyrock: for being the happiest rock iv ever met(corny i know :lol: )

goat: for being the best mta player to disapear in one day

curly: for always pushing the limits of acceptable porn :)

chaoswolf: for putting up with me even when i cause ur girlfriend to slap u :D

geforce: for pretending like im showing you cool stunts when all that im really showing u is crap :lol:

brophy: for always reminding me why i should never do drugs :)

i just cant thank everyone enough! you guys helped me win this award, thank u so much! *tear rolls down eye*

/me runs off the stage crying

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i've already noticed that some of the users think there is a competition of who has the most post, now read this: those who make a competition of it will find there number of post to be reseted to 0 every day :evil:

I would say it was nice of them to leave you 309 :lol:


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