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how to reply to a girl that is too fat on okcupid:

hey there thanks for messaging lego is all i wanted as a kid so i think i am good at it one time i ate a lego and my mom had to search one of my poos for it so i know all about lego trust me. i see you are canadian californian which is really cool cause i want to go to la and vancouver and just gamble the whole time. how long until you finish your veterinary studies?

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[02:40] do you know where krizikstan is?

[02:42] yes lil_Toady its below russia

[02:42] do i get a prize

[02:42] south of*

[02:42] yeah, but so is china

[02:42] nub

[02:42] i win

[02:42] i was right

[02:42] there's no country called krizikstan

[02:43] OWNED

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[20:28:08] I know "Si, Me Gusta, Como esta, Casa, Tiengo buenos cojones"

[20:28:29] and tu puta madre

[20:28:32] Holy!

[20:28:39] puta means bitch

[20:28:43] AFAIK

[20:28:46] Holy mierda

[20:28:47] wrong

[20:28:50] it means mommy

[20:28:57] no

[20:29:01] nope someone one told me that

[20:29:03] madre is mom, puta is whore

[20:29:10] it should say you mother is a bitch / whore

[20:29:10] mierda, madre, puta, hijo(?)

[20:29:16] omg i called her puta all these years :o

[20:29:21] LOL OWNED

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John and Remi-X having sexy time....


01:21:25 fake

01:21:30 01:19:19 not gonna lie that was kinda erotic

01:21:32 but it has timestamps

01:21:34 must be legit

01:21:50 GhostRider is pro at faking

01:21:53 DAMN U

01:21:56 took a printscreen ;#

01:22:01 I'll upload

01:22:05 youre a photoshopper

01:22:06 remember

01:23:06 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1536586/mtasa- ... ewall1.png

01:23:09 on a phone remember

01:23:21 i could use gimp but it would take hours to fake all that

01:23:57 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1536586/mtasa- ... ewall1.png

01:24:02 hah, doomed.

01:24:34 * Remi-X (Remi-X@gtanet-j5o.h34.241.84.IP) has left #mta

01:24:44 rageqwuit

01:24:51 haha

01:25:11 * Gerrit (Remi-X@gtanet-j5o.h34.241.84.IP) has joined #mta

01:25:17 hello im new

01:26:23 also, props for the n900

01:26:44 "Remi-X@gtanet"

01:26:45 why nokia, whyyyyy did you kill the only good thing to come out of your nonsense in the past 15 years

01:26:56 thats also fame GhostRider

01:27:01 elop should be hung for treason

01:27:04 FAME FUCK YOU

01:27:05 FAKE*

01:27:17 it's sad, but at least i try to use the n900 the best i can

01:27:22 ragequit

01:27:24 * Gerrit (Remi-X@gtanet-j5o.h34.241.84.IP) has left #mta

01:27:31 for example, i really love this irc client

01:27:47 not the most touch friendly - but very complete indeed

01:27:48 * Remi-X (Remi-X@gtanet-j5o.h34.241.84.IP) has joined #mta

01:27:58 so Remi-X , why did you go undercover?

01:28:11 i dont know what youre talking about

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CapY: Oh forgot to tell you I'm not satistified with MTA limits

qaisjp: ?

CapY: so i started learning visual basic

qaisjp: visual basic :rofL;

CapY: c++

CapY: visual basic c++

qaisjp: VB is not C++

CapY: yes vb

CapY: whatever

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[18:17:04] heh my mum has become addicted to Minecraft :/

[18:17:14] Callum O_O

[18:17:21] lmao Callum

[18:17:23] Your mom needs to get laid :o

[18:17:27] lol

[18:17:37] She should be making dinner, but she's like "CALLUM I FOUND DIAMOND!!"

[18:17:43] Hahahaha

[18:18:05] and when she falls into lava shes like "SHIT!!!!" and ragequits

dat mom

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The return of the mighty arc

Good morning

(03:25:42) took a one hour nap and woke up 7 hours later in a middle of the night -_-

aka not sure if morning..

Good ambiguous waking moment

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<@Blokker> great, these russian bride scammers dont give up that easy, should have known better than to respond the first time

<@Blokker> so i guess it's time to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes

<@Blokker> she's already asking if i would be willing to come to russia some day

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I throw a wish in the well, don't ask me i'll never tell, i looked at u as it fell and found u in my way, i trade my soul for a wish. Penis and dimes for a kiss i wasn't looking for this but found u in my way , your stare was holding, ripped shirt tits was showing hot night wind was blowing where u think u are going baby?

hey i just fu*ked u and this is crazy but here is a doctor so get rid of the baby, and all the other boys have fu*ked u caapyyyy but they use a condom so they made no babies

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[12:49:36 PM] Viper: go and buy one cheap bieatches

[12:50:17 PM] Viper: who needs pants while u got swag

[12:50:19 PM] Viper: (cool)

[12:50:57 PM] Viper: sway sway sway on u

chilling by the fire near where i fucked u

[12:51:08 PM] Anderl: lol

[12:51:10 PM] Viper: dunno about me but i know i fucked u

[12:51:21 PM] Anderl: u didn't xD

[12:51:30 PM] Viper: so say hello and suck it off in 3 2 1

[12:51:45 PM] Viper: i would like to be your rapist

[12:51:51 PM] Viper: hey boy let me get in u

[12:51:59 PM] Viper: if i was your rape friend

[12:52:00 PM] Viper: i never let u go

[12:52:19 PM] Viper: put u on my finger boy never feel like before

[12:52:20 PM] Viper: (rofl)

[12:52:30 PM] Viper: anderl i did! xD

[12:55:39 PM] Anderl: u didn't

[12:58:25 PM] CapY: brb quote wall

[1:16:40 PM]i don't want to miss your mom today

[1:16:46 PM] Viper: cuz your dad is just so gay

[1:16:55 PM] Viper: so i took her into the winter snow

JB's remixes*

he's not a player just a ill rhyme sayer

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[1:50:25 PM] CapY: Rifel

[1:50:28 PM] CapY: WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT?

[1:50:38 PM] Viper: being retarded (rofl)

[1:52:03 PM] Rifel: im

[1:52:04 PM] Rifel: mapper

[1:52:06 PM] Rifel: you shithead

[1:52:14 PM] Viper: *fapper

[1:52:17 PM] Rifel: yea

[1:52:18 PM] CapY: lmao

[1:52:21 PM] Rifel: im also good at that

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[4:42:58 PM] CapY: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-rqt7ylC8yA0/T ... -500-5.jpg

[4:43:04 PM] Viper: gimme that bitch in pink

[4:43:12 PM] Viper: imma teach her some badass biology lessons

[4:48:59 PM] Viper: get in my lab(lap) and we will make some nuclear explosions
[4:49:44 PM] Viper: are those space pants cuz this ass is out of this world
[4:50:24 PM] Viper: hey babe wanna go to my room and make a bastard?
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[10:35] u better not pound im telling you why

[10:35] pound?

[10:35] norby89 is coming to town

[10:35] :D

[10:35] pound your meat?

[10:35] pout*

[10:35] fak u Ransom

[10:35] norby89 is gonna take care of all the men in town

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