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[23:16:11] 16 is a great b/day too

[23:16:17] much celebrated here

[23:16:48] here u can have legal sex, ride a moped, buy ciggarettes, use fryuit machines and buy a lottery ticket

[23:17:38] wtf is a fruit machine

[23:17:45] a one armed bandit

[23:18:03] The fruit machine is a jocular term for a device developed in Canada that was supposed to be able to identify homosexuals. The subjects were made to view pornography, and the device measured the pupils of the eyes, perspiration, and pulse for a supposed erotic response.

[23:18:04] LMFAO

[23:18:08] OH GOD

[23:18:11] haha jani

[23:18:13] rofl jani

[23:18:14] Fruit machine is also a British term for a slot machine (aka one-armed bandit).

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Full Version :lol:

21:31:19 ganja: haha

21:31:26 ganja: all this

21:31:29 ganja: and im onli 14.

21:31:31 ganja: ah this is da life..

21:31:32 ganja: xD

21:31:41 Krimson: oh

21:31:42 +BrophY: rofl Ransom

21:31:43 Krimson: youre 14

21:31:46 Krimson: concolences

21:31:54 +BrophY: gg, come back when you hit puberty

21:31:59 Jani: http://ghostserv/k.html

21:32:02 ganja: i have hit it

21:32:03 Jani: lol, oops

21:32:05 ganja: and i hit it hard

21:32:06 ganja: oh

21:32:08 ganja: ransom

21:32:09 ganja: my bad.

21:32:14 ganja: lol

21:32:19 +BrophY: finally got hairs above your vagina then ganja

21:32:22 ganja: no

21:32:23 ganja: not yet

21:32:25 ganja: i work on it

21:32:26 ganja: oi!

21:32:30 +BrophY: lmao

21:32:32 ganja: :@

21:32:35 ganja: i no have vagina

21:32:38 ganja: i have ding a ling

21:32:39 ganja: just like u

21:32:41 ganja: i think :S

21:32:41 ganja: xD

21:32:43 +BrophY: Jani, quote wall

21:32:49 ganja was kicked out of #mta by Ransom [stop flooding damn]

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[23:43] * a_girl_13[HUN] has joined #mta

[23:43] <[DRuG]h0z> um

[23:44] <[DRuG]h0z> a_girl_13[HUN] are u REWLY a gurl?

[23:44] lol

[23:44] http://dedicated.janipewter.net/upload/lolsize.png

[23:44] LMFAO

[23:44] I hope you are not Dee Dee

[23:45] <[DRuG]h0z> or some seedy 48yro sitting in a dark room with a stubby in 1 hand and ur privates in the other nd u are typing with ur nose to pic up lil boys!!!

[23:45] yeah janithat's not funny, some ppl have 100 MegaPixel cams

[23:45] erm

[23:45] and who takes a 100mp picture of themself

[23:45] for an image which it truncates to 150x150 anyway

[23:45] xD

[23:46] a jerk

[23:46] <[DRuG]h0z> well girl?

[23:46] <[DRuG]h0z> which 1 r u?

**some time later**

[23:54] i reas it just now xD

[23:54] <[DRuG]h0z> omg the thing speaks!

[23:54] is that you pw?

[23:54] read*

[23:54] lol

[23:54] :D

[23:54] LOL

[23:54] the thing

[23:54] shh x

[23:54] <[DRuG]h0z> so what are u " a_girl_13[HUN] "

[23:54] * IceBear has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

[23:54] lOl

[23:54] ?

[23:54] that aint me fool

[23:54] <[DRuG]h0z> omg

[23:54] :P

[23:54] she means asl a_girl

[23:54] <[DRuG]h0z> the pedo or the gurl

[23:54] I know pw

[23:54] <[DRuG]h0z> haha

[23:55] <[DRuG]h0z> a/s/l ey?

[23:55] ok the best thing is that i piss off

[23:55] yep

[23:55] * a_girl_13[HUN] has left #mta

[23:55] <[DRuG]h0z> im not trying to crack onto it guys!!

[23:55] o.O

[23:55] lol

[23:55] I guess she was the pedo

[23:55] <[DRuG]h0z> LOL

[23:55] <[DRuG]h0z> true

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(21:34:17) (Jani) it's rejecting my password

(21:34:20) (Jani) even though i know what it is

(21:34:24) (Jani) and i am typing it correctly

(21:34:32) (Jani) and i just opened another session fine

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) JANI FORGw

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:33) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:34) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:36) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:37) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:38) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:39) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:39) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:41) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:42) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:42) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:44) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:45) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:46) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:47) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:49) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:50) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:50) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:50) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:51) (%Anna) Talidan

(21:34:52) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:52) (Jani) lol

(21:34:53) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:54) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:56) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:56) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:57) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:57) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:58) (%Talidan) t

(21:34:59) (Jani) he's really rubbing it in eh

(21:35:00) (%Talidan) t

(21:35:01) (%Talidan) t

(21:35:01) —› quit: (Talidan) (ga@afghanistan.com) (Client exited)

(21:35:07) (Jani) ROFL

(21:35:09) —› join: (Talidan) (ga@gtanet-F6A80D4C.ipt.aol.com)

(21:35:10) —› mode: (ChanServ) sets mode (+h Talidan)

(21:35:10) (%Anna) lol

(21:35:16) (Jani) talidan

(21:35:18) (Jani) i get the message

(21:35:19) (Jani) i forgot

(21:35:23) (Jani) calm down

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ROFL, requote

i have 3 people who u dont wanna fuk wid in my house dat roll wid guns as my best m8s, i have a fine bitch who i shag nearly every day, and i have my own weed plant in my loft which i pick and deal and get money from it from time to time


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(01:26:57) (Jani) your board is an nforce chipeset right?

(01:27:10) (Johnline) irql not less or equal normally

(01:27:18) (Johnline) nforce 4 yeah

(01:27:48) (Jani) have you disabled the nvidia firewall?

(01:27:55) (Johnline) yeah, well

(01:28:02) (Johnline) its not installed

(01:28:06) (Jani) john

(01:28:08) (Jani) it's in the bios

(01:28:12) (Jani) you can't uninstall the bios

(01:28:22) (Johnline) why the hell not!

(01:28:35) (Johnline) i'll go check

(01:28:45) (Jani) make sure you disable it

(01:28:50) (Johnline) where are my bios files?

(01:28:54) (Jani) er

(01:28:58) (Jani) john

(01:29:02) (Jani) it's in a chip on the motherboard

(01:29:11) (Jani) you can't access it from windows

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(johnlini) my lovely horse running through the field

(johnlini) where are you going with your fletlocks blowing in the

(johnlini) wind

(johnlini) i want to shower you with sugar lumps

(johnlini) and ride you over

(johnlini) fences

(johnlini) polish your hooves every single day, and bring you to the horse dentist

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~ChrML_Laptop: i like licking smegma off IJs's penis

BrophY: LMFAO!

BrophY: quote wall

IJs\laptop: haha

IJs\laptop: impossible

BrophY: IJs\laptop has no foreskin!

~ChrML_Laptop: IJs, i'll quit washing my penis for the next 2 months. then you'll get the pleasure of washing it with your mouth

IJs\laptop: SO

IJs\laptop: stfu

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[21:48:34] lol all cars in america are autos i guess

[21:48:42] most yes

[21:48:45] but fuck them

[21:48:48] im always gunna get man

[21:48:55] quotewall?

[21:49:01] i feared that

[21:49:04] hahaha

[21:49:11] only spackers have automatic cars

[21:49:17] brb

[21:49:17] you're your own worst enemy rob

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-=[21:37:49 4/10/06]=- fuck college

-=[21:37:54 4/10/06]=- i'm not going in, i wanna see this shit ope

-=[21:37:57 4/10/06]=- n

-=[21:38:02 4/10/06]=- oh wait

-=[21:38:03 4/10/06]=- 9am

-=[21:38:05 4/10/06]=- even better

-=[21:38:31 4/10/06]=- i'm gay

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22:22 < Johnwagen> (Johnline) This name is already in use by another member.

22:22 < Johnwagen> OK WHICH CUNT REGED MY NAME

22:23 <+BrophY> you already registered you cockhead

22:23 <+BrophY> the first day it was up

22:23 < Johnwagen> oh

22:23 < Jani> LOL

22:23 < Jani> HAHAHHA

22:23 <%Talidan> lol dumbass

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16:06 <@IJs> alright tell it BrophY

16:06 <@IJs> i dont care

16:07 <+BrophY> IJs once put a hose pipe my ChrML_Laptop's bumhole, poured champange into ChrML_Laptop's bum and then proceeded to drink it when ChrML_Laptop was farting it out with chunks of nutty poo

16:07 <+BrophY> its out in the open now

16:07 -!- BrophY was kicked from #mta by IJs [iJs]

16:07 -!- BrophY [brophy@vces.net] has joined #mta

16:07 -!- mode/#mta [+v BrophY] by ChanServ

16:07 < Jani> LOL

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