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(02:42:37) (+Jani) Johnline is is a black man in disguise

(02:42:59) (+Si|ent) as what?

(02:43:13) (+Jani) an elephant

(02:43:28) (+Johnline) Jani's mum is so dumb she was meant to get the 22 bus but she got the 22 twice instead

(02:43:49) (+Jani) ...

(02:43:51) • +Johnline is so dumb he fucked up the joke xD

(02:43:54) (+Jani) LOL

(02:43:55) (+Jani) gg

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(21:37:57) (MAD_BOY) Endlezz, what's wrong with wathcing porn

(21:38:03) (MAD_BOY) i'm studying the female body

(21:38:14) (Endlezz) i don't have to study that, i already got the degree

(21:38:17) (Endlezz) ages ago

(21:38:29) (Endlezz) but yeh, i watch porn too

(21:38:34) (Endlezz) since i lost my gf

(21:38:41) (Endlezz) in a horrible car crash

(21:38:46) (Endlezz) nah j/k, she just left me

(21:38:48) (Endlezz) or i left her

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hot and more hot in this way

can see lightning on the horizon

its coming this way

(bedrooms faces south)

32єC now


22 here atm



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[21:37] Ransom, whats my score on hot or not

[21:38] still hovering at like 6.2

[21:38] damn

[21:38] what you at Ransom

[21:38] wait, 6.5 now

[21:39] mines gone down the drain really, 7.3

[21:39] lol, one day i will win you wtf?

[15:09] Ransom what does nedm mean

[15:09] <[LVM]TheDude> nuclear something....

[15:09] nuclear event detonation warning?

[15:10] where'd you get w

[16:08] * HAZJ makes Joriz_Laptop explode

[16:13] * Ransom laughs at the cum-covered HAZJ

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(16:40:00) (M21) and i am creator of 9 gamemodes and some filterscripts :D

(16:40:10) (+Jani) that's not anything to do with mta...

(16:40:17) (+Jani) you're talking about a different mod completely m21

(16:40:20) (+Jani) try #sa-mp

(16:40:30) (M21) i know its different

(16:40:47) (M21) but its very similar

(16:40:55) (+Jani) how do you know?

(16:41:01) (+Jani) you haven't even seen the mta SDK yet

(16:41:02) (+Jani) nobody has

(16:41:10) (+Jani) so tell me

(16:41:15) (+Jani) because i'm intruiged

(16:41:52) (+Jani) the public haven't had any proof that it even exists yet...

(16:42:26) (+Jani) tell me how you know they are very simiar

(16:42:57) (M21) it should be similar because both are based on existing computer langs

(16:43:17) (+Jani) "lol"

(16:43:18) (M21) and the computer langs are similar

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(01:32:38) (Johnline) Jani says:

(01:32:38) (Johnline) my mum keeps rubbing herself whenever she talks

(01:32:42) (Johnline) in msn

(01:33:03) (Jani) Johnline says (01:28):

(01:33:03) (Jani) I AM A NIGGER PRIEST

(01:33:06) (Jani) need i say more?

(01:33:10) (Johnline) ROFL

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This is pretty much what late night #mta chat consists of:

(01:47:43) (Jani) Johnline's mum is Chuck Norris

(01:49:01) (+BrophY) Johnline's mum is so ugly, when she was born her mum said, "what a treasure!" her dad replied, " yeah, let's go bury it."

(01:50:05) (Johnline) BrophY's mums so ugly her make up brand is called "why bother"!

(01:50:21) (Jani) Johnline's mum is so ugly that makeup refuses to be worn on her

(01:50:57) (Johnline) BrophY's mum is so fat she uses diet soap

(01:51:18) (Jani) Johnline's mum is so fat she has to breathe diet air

(01:52:09) (Johnline) Jani's mum is so dumb she went to the cinema, it said under 18 not admitted so she went home and got 17 of her friends

(01:52:32) (Jani) Johnline's mum is so fucking dumb that she got locked in Asda and starved

(01:53:16) (Johnline) Jani's mum is so dumb she went to disneyland she saw a sign that said "<----- disneyland left".... so she went home

(01:54:21) (+Slothman) johnlines mom worked at a sperm bank till she got fired for drinking on the job

(01:54:37) (Johnline) Slothman's mums so desperate i saw her doing press ups in a cucumber field

(01:54:40) (+BrophY) Johnline's mum is so fat the last time she saw 90210 she was on her scales

(01:54:43) (Jani) Johnline's mum is so fat that when she stepped off the pavement and when I tried to swerve round her, I ran out of petrol

(01:55:27) (Johnline) Jani's mum's like a bottle o milk, she gets filled up with white stuff then left at the corner of the street

(01:55:32) (Jani) Johnline's mum is so stupid that she got locked out of a motorcycle

(01:55:54) (+BrophY) Johnline's mum is so fat when she ran away, they had to use all four sides of the milk carton

(01:56:00) (Jani) Johnline's mum is so ugly that when she goes into a bank, they turn the cameras off

(01:56:15) (Johnline) Jani's mum's lips are so big, she can whisper in her own ear

(01:56:18) (+Slothman) brophy's mom is so fat lat time she went out to get the mail it registered on the rictor scale

(01:56:42) (+BrophY) Slothman's mum is so fat her blood type is Ragu

(01:56:44) (Jani) Johnline's mum is so ugly that people dress up as her for halloween

(01:56:56) (Johnline) BrophY's mum is so ugly she makes blind kids cry

(01:57:09) (Jani) Johnline's mum is so ugly that she MADE me blind

(01:57:09) (+Slothman) jani's mom is so fat last time i had sex with her i brought a surfboard

(01:57:27) (+BrophY) Johnline's mum is so fat she can't even jump to a conclusion

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[23:35:11] brophy has a phobia of tits though

[23:35:31] when brophy was young his mother used to beat him with her boobahs

[23:35:49] lmao

[23:35:58] i use to be an ass man

[23:36:06] then i had a dream when i was in 5th or 6th grade, i forgot

[23:36:32] i was ontop of a big container (like the ones that store grain) with Phill and Lill (from rugrats)

[23:36:37] and we were all naked and taking a dump

[23:36:46] then for some reason it became the shower

[23:36:55] and some big lady with big titties got me

[23:36:57] and dried me

[23:37:07] and i looked down and she said "no dont look there, thats private"

[23:37:15] so i looked up at her boobs (cuz she was naked)

[23:37:21] and when i woke up, i was a boob man

[23:37:44] lol Robpol86

[23:37:49] fascinating

[23:37:53] indeed

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This is from #gta which i rarely pay attention to, but this was funny

[00:45] you're the fucking noob

[00:45] I'm a fucking legend, son.

[00:45] * Knuckles has joined #gta

[00:45] so am i

[00:45] ok im the noob

[00:45] * Knuckles has quit IRC (Quit: Knuckles)

[00:45] except i didnt suck enough dick to be made a mod

[00:45] :P

[00:45] O_o

[00:45] lol

[00:45] xD

[00:47] just didnt suck the right dick

[00:47] Haha.

[00:47] ^

[00:47] Word.

[00:48] * zioxide didnt suck any dick

[00:48] i wasnt even around lol

[00:48] i wonder how much dick luke sucked to become a mod and official irc

[00:48] he enjoyed it though

[00:49] [00:45] except i didnt suck enough dick to be made a mod

[00:49] * TecnoVM64 has quit IRC (Quit: SIGTERM)

[00:49] enough dick

[00:49] so, that was a contradiction what you just said

[00:49] :D

[00:50] * Sebastian has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.13/20060414])

[00:51] shut the fuck up

[00:51] anyway

[00:51] Harrr.


[00:51] WOO

[00:51] somehow i need to find 1.5MB free on a memory card

[00:51] fuk.

[00:51] bbl

[00:51] lol, pwned

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(19:00:18) —› join: (IPX) (null@91DD26AE.3AB60BBF.5796AC4.IP)

(19:00:58) (IPX) Is the way to play on foot not racing because racing is booored

(19:01:35) (norby89) yeah

(19:01:38) (norby89) play mta vc

(19:01:59) (IPX) vc ?

(19:02:01) (IPX) you mean

(19:02:03) (IPX) vice city

(19:02:06) ([LVM]TheDude) no

(19:02:12) ([LVM]TheDude) vic corleone

(19:02:18) (IPX) where i can get it

(19:02:20) (IPX) pls help me

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