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he>Ouwe has joined the game.

wanderer: ?

H-BOMB: *bites teh balls of dark*

wanderer: lol

H-BOMB: im lovin it!

wanderer: r u ?

_LMW_Dark: gay dick

H-BOMB: sex is like pringles, once you pop u just cant stop

wanderer: lol

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Updating INI ... INI Updated.

Game Version Set

Server Map: Portland (GTA3)

Server Game Mode: Regular (Deathmatch)

_LMW_Kuja: yo

_LMW_Dark: yo

_LMW_Kuja: yo

_LMW_Dark: yo

_LMW_Kuja: yo

_LMW_Dark: yo

_LMW_Kuja: yo

_LMW_Dark: yo

_LMW_Kuja: yo

_LMW_Dark: yo

_LMW_Kuja: yo

_LMW_Dark: yo

_LMW_Kuja: yoyoyoyoyo

_LMW_Dark: yooyoyoyoyoy

_LMW_Kuja: yyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooooooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooo

_LMW_Dark: yooyoyoyyoyoyooyoyoyyoyoyooyoyoyyoyoyooyoyoyyoyoyooyoyoyyoyoyooyoyoyyoyoyooyoyoyyoyoyooyoyoyyoyoyooyoyoyyoyoyooyoyoyyoyoyooyoy

_LMW_Kuja: Y()


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-=[19:18:36]=- This is Kent's girlfriend. I just wanted to let everyone know that's he;s very modest about the size of his penis

-=[19:18:38]=- its huge

-=[19:19:03]=- YES IM BACK

-=[19:19:35]=- * Blokker slaps Kent767

-=[19:19:50]=- lol

-=[19:20:13]=- * Blokker shreds MAD_BOY

-=[19:20:27]=- * MAD_BOY hugs Blokker

-=[19:20:33]=- * Blokker is bored

-=[19:20:43]=- rofl @ kent's line

-=[19:21:39]=- Blokker: go play something

-=[19:22:09]=- its not me , its his girlfriend

-=[19:22:14]=- i'll play hitman and search a contract to kill MAD_BOY

-=[19:22:16]=- i mean him

-=[19:22:26]=- lol

-=[19:22:36]=- lol

-=[19:22:36]=- i should kick u but ur an op :P

-=[19:22:58]=- i am?

-=[19:23:08]=- i think he meant Kent

-=[19:23:15]=- my boyfriend

-=[19:23:30]=- a ban would be better :P

-=[19:23:38]=- * BiGViC (~vicbat@c-66-176-15-96.se.client2.attbi.com) Quit (Quit)

-=[19:23:40]=- kent told me to type this

-=[19:23:43]=- !kb Blokker

-=[19:23:43]=- * ChanServ sets mode: -o+b Blokker *!*@D577033F.kabel.telenet.be

-=[19:23:43]=- * Blokker was kicked by ChanServ ((Kent767) Bye.)

-=[19:23:45]=- why?

-=[19:23:47]=- oh shit

-=[19:23:48]=- * [KFC]DPnch3r (~donkey@pcp02588610pcs.shlb1201.mi.comcast.net) has joined #mta

-=[19:23:49]=- let me get kent

-=[19:23:50]=- LMFAO

-=[19:24:29]=- * Kent767 sets mode: -b *!*@D577033F.kabel.telenet.be

-=[19:24:36]=- kent fixed itfor me

-=[19:24:36]=- * Blokker (~root@D577033F.kabel.telenet.be) has joined #mta

-=[19:24:36]=- * ChanServ sets mode: +o Blokker

-=[19:24:41]=- he's such a trickster

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[21:19:38] irc.aeron.tk does exist

[21:20:14] lol

[21:20:24] * Headfonez (~head@dhcp-80-216-urc.fccj.cc.fl.us) Quit (Quit)

[21:21:55] irc.aeron.tk does not excist

[21:22:49] lol it does

[21:22:57] hmmm

[21:22:58] O_o

[21:23:04] nope, no connection possible

[21:23:07] yeah

[21:23:25] there is no irc server there ...

21:24:06] ,=.

[21:24:11] ...

[21:24:15] * Aeron2 slaps Blokker with a "pwned"-sign

[21:25:11] !k Aeron2

[21:25:11] * You were kicked by ChanServ ((Blokker) Bye.)

[21:25:11] * Attempting to rejoin channel #mta

[21:25:11] * Rejoined channel #mta

[21:25:11] * Topic is '[ 10New Forum Rules: http://mtavc.com/forum.php ]-[ http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=9703 ]=[ IRC Rules: http://www.mtavc.com/irc.php ]= [ This is NOT a help channel! http://www.mtavc.com/faq.php http://www.mtavc.com/sbspage.php ]=[ Server details? #mta-servers and ASE ]'

[21:25:11] * Set by Burstfire.UK.EU.GameSurge.net on Sat Sep 18 19:24:54

[21:25:25] He can't accept he got pwned

[21:25:33] yes, he really got pwned

[21:25:33] * MrBump sets mode: -v MAD_BOY

[21:25:37] fo

[21:25:38] !up

[21:25:38] * ChanServ sets mode: +v MAD_BOY

[21:25:39] lol

[21:25:42] lol

[21:25:50] (Fresh Oranges)

Blokky owned!! me (again)

& lol @ mb (again)

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[20:07] we use whatever fits :-P

[20:08] so 3 liter..

[20:08] i don't think you'll find an american who doesn't know about how big a cm

[20:08] wow

[20:08] is

[20:08] so what fits right now?

[20:08] ?

[20:08] fits?

[20:08] my penis?

[20:08] 3cm

[20:08] lol!

[20:09] :D

[20:09] omg

[20:09] (little more than an inch)

[20:09] hahaha

[20:09] O_o

[20:09] 2.54cm = 1 inch

[20:09] the normal size in sweden are like 18-20 cm

Now we know the size of kent and slash's penises

Kent = 3 cm

Slash = between 18-20 cm

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Oooh, that was 1338
im in the quote wall too

people still post there?

here come complicated english words

hakuna matata

everything is legal unless you get caught
No real use in telling an idiot he's an idiot
* Kanney has quit IRC (Quit: (@l33tletinyman) my mom came in to my room a while ago while I was talking on irc and waffling something to kairo at the same time (@l33tletinyman) and embarassingly presented me with a whinnie the pooh easter egg)

that was the gayest quit message ever

i fail to see any homosexual overtones in it

do please elaborate


<[sM]Boss> well

<[sM]Boss> MrBump,you fail to see the logical evidence that the word "gay" has more than one significate.

<[sM]Boss> Please pay more attention.

* [sM]Boss hides

oh he meant gay as in 'Ghey' (sic) right gottit

<[sM]Boss> ....

<[sM]Boss> Your right!

so its not that hes discovered an awakening sexuality and has developed a perceptual set resulting in his seeing references to it where they may not actually exist?

got it

Vauxhall Frontera!

u got me good there you fukker!


* [sM]Boss slaps SM|slash around a bit with a large trout


spank my ass with that trout...ooh yes....mmmm



yea mta has been slow lately

maybe we should release


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[17:42:12] <+Rob86_Server> Rawk_iT

[17:42:17] <+Rob86_Server> i want your tight sweet ass

[17:42:24] <+Rob86_Server> i want to wear your ass like a hat

[17:42:32] <+Rob86_Server> i can sleep on those perked cheecks let me tell you

[17:42:49] <@Rawk_iT> stop giving me reasons to hate you

[17:42:54] <+Rob86_Server> dude

[17:42:56] <+Rob86_Server> i want you

[17:42:59] <+Rob86_Server> badly

[17:43:02] <+Rob86_Server> i wish you were gay

[17:43:06] <@Rawk_iT> take a number and stand in the line

[17:43:06] <+Rob86_Server> maby i can make you gay

[17:43:07] <@Rawk_iT> ;p

[17:43:14] <+Rob86_Server> your number 1

[17:43:21] <+Rob86_Server> step right up

[17:43:24] <+Rob86_Server> ill let you ride me

[17:43:29] <@Rawk_iT> no thanks

[17:43:32] <+Rob86_Server> ill be the naughty horse

[17:43:41] <+Rob86_Server> and your the strict cowboy

[17:44:07] <+Rob86_Server> i know your getting turned on

[17:44:10] <+Rob86_Server> i can tell

[17:44:26] <+Rob86_Server> just talking dirty to you like that is giving me a boner

[17:44:27] <@Rawk_iT> no thanks..

[17:44:37] <+Rob86_Server> please man, do it for me

[17:44:39] <+Rob86_Server> do me for me

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Mm... I have a lot of Robpol86 quotes.

Feast your eyes upon this (D=):

(+Robpol86) there was a hot chick with big thingies at the voting booth

(@Krynn-) were you checking out her husband robpol86?

(+Robpol86) yes

(+Robpol86) he had a tight ass

We were just talking about the election results...
[Robpol86] time to visualize Ricki Martin
...Plus hundreds of other quotes concerning Ricky Martin. :o
11:14am] []x[JubJub]x[] ROBS GAY!

[11:14am] [Rob86_Server] wtf

[11:14am] [Rob86_Server] STFU

[11:14am] [Rob86_Server] ENOUGH

[11:14am] []x[Oblivion]x[] dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn

[11:14am] [Rob86_Server] ok im gay

[11:14am] [Rob86_Server] i admit it

[11:14am] []x[Oblivion]x[] :o

[11:14am] [Rob86_Server] happy?

[11:14am] [Rob86_Server] i love man chowder

[%Rob86_Server] GO FUCK YOURSELF

[%Rob86_Server] is what it means

[@]x[JubJub]x[] ooo robs likes that!

[@SEXICKL245] i dont have a dildo

[@SEXICKL245] can i borrow one of yours rob?


[%Rob86_Server] yes

[@]x[JubJub]x[] sure...

[@]x[JubJub]x[] u like talking to men

[%Rob86_Server] you want the neon green or the glowing pink?

A few others from JubJub.
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