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this was from the beta test today. ijs was trying to kick me for the hell of it and heres the result ;)

SoWErA has been kicked from the game.

IJs: fuck

rebel: :o

DeathB=ULK=: lmao

IJs: wrong one!!!

rebel: rofl

DeathB=ULK=: ROFL!!!

IJs: fucking admin program

DeathB=ULK=: LMAO!!!!

Money Reset

Scores Reset

rebel died.

DeathB=ULK=: LOL

rebel: holy shit wtf?

IJs: lol

rebel: O_O

DeathB=ULK=: lol hes trying to get me

SoWErA has joined the game.

SoWErA: one :(

DeathB=ULK=: but his own prog is messing up on him!

IJs: wanted to kick deathb

DeathB=ULK=: lmao



DeathB=ULK=: WHAT A N00B!!!

rebel has been kicked from the game.

IJs: lmao


IJs: ffs

IJs: this isnt possible


DeathB=ULK=: lmaoooo

IJs: wait it is

rebel has joined the game.

rebel: ehem

SoWErA: i am to tired to play with this little players :(

Weather Changed: Rain

DeathB=ULK=: lol

DeathB=ULK=: w00tage

DeathB=ULK=: dont kick the wrong person now

DeathB=ULK=: lol

IJs: heh

IJs: fuck

IJs: deja vu

rebel: :o

IJs: grrr

DeathB=ULK=: kick id 1

IJs: lol

IJs: haha

DeathB=ULK=: :D

IJs has been kicked from the game.


SoWErA: lol


rebel: ROFL

SoWErA has been kicked from the game.

rebel has been kicked from the game.


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(@Robpol86) !k Robpol86 does this work?

Kick» (Robpol86) was kicked by (ChanServ) ((Robpol86) does this work?)

Join» (Robpol86) (~Robpol86@cdm-208-180-147-63.vctr.cox-internet.com)

Mode» (ChanServ) sets (+o Robpol86)

(@Robpol86) SOB

(@Gamefreek) ROFL

(@Gamefreek) OWNED

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This was just before an FKU match a few months ago:

SpecOutLaW: hes real mad at me cuz i said gg to kfc

(FKU)Quig: it prob was a gg

*KFC@SNOMANE: jus join us then :D

(FKU)Quig: no join us:D


(FKU)Quig: US


(FKU)Quig: :P




[KFC]ELBURRO: Join El Burro;s mighty bastards and get a free Ice Cream

[KFC]KungPow: it really was the second round we didn't lose a person so he must have been disappointed

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im gay and it feels good

<{ULK}SexyB> do you beat woman?


<{ULK}SexyB> will you ever?

no, id rather run over a duck

and the damn little ones

<{ULK}SexyB> rob will u ever touch a woman?


i beat myself

<{ULK}SexyB> do u ever get in fights?


<{ULK}SexyB> why?

cuz im a pussy

<{ULK}SexyB> do u like to hit on girls?


wanna know y?

<{ULK}SexyB> so your afraid of them?


thats not it

<{ULK}SexyB> do they have cuties?


<{ULK}SexyB> do they rob!


i dont wanna get infected by that shit

id rather die a virgin

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just wanted to point out the set up :P

[01:39] <{ULK}SexyB> whoever says "im deathbs bitch" first gets a suprise

[01:39] <[4D]Prontera> DeathB is my bitch

[01:39] <{ULK}SexyB> ...

[01:39] <{ULK}SexyB> SAY IT

[01:39] <[4D]Prontera> fine =(

[01:39] <[4D]Prontera> imnot deathbs bitch

[01:39] <{ULK}SexyB> ...

[01:39] I'm Deathbs bitch?

[01:39] * BleednKuntz takes it dry

[01:40] <{ULK}SexyB> SUPRISE!

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[20:06:42] * Aeron sticks a "IDIOT"-sticker on Ransom's head

[20:06:43] * Ransom directs Aeron towards JHXP :P

[20:07:19] :o

[20:07:35] * Ransom takes it off and throws it across the room

[20:07:46] it still stuck on ur hand xD

[20:08:06] nah cause ... I'm made of water

[20:08:11] so HAH

[20:08:16] * Aeron drinks Ransom

[20:08:25] toxic water :)

[20:08:33] * Aeron takes some pills

[20:08:43] lol Ransom

[20:08:46] toxic water that you cant cure EVER :P

[20:08:54] Aeron: disgusting

[20:09:07] hahaaha

[20:09:07] * Aeron pukes

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[18:07] <@[uLK]kefran> that looks beter

[18:07] * @[uLK]kefran GÏVʧ BleednKuntz M&M's (m) (m) (m) (m) (m) mmmm they're good !!!

[18:07] <%hopesfall> finally got one in.. damn its burning

[18:07] <@BleednKuntz> its like you are trying to communicate with me, I know it.

[18:08] <@[uLK]kefran> lool

[18:08] <@BleednKuntz> !!!

[18:08] <@BleednKuntz> hopesfall, they have cream for that

[18:08] <@[uLK]kefran> too bad there aren't any disgusting things in this script

[18:08] <@[uLK]kefran> £aughing Õut £oudly

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* 3 Kick 1 Ban joins.

* %KFC%Camaro joins.

[{ULK}Kuntz] lol nice nam

[GhengisKung] hmm

[Grandma] this scazzel guy keeps teleporting and stuff and when I hit him he doesnt get hurt

[{ULK}Kuntz] crash

[] change your name to 3 kick 2 ban

* 3 Kick 1 Ban parts.

[%KFC%Camaro] lol

[{ULK}Kuntz] lol

[%KFC%Gunny] lol

[%KFC%Camaro] lmao

* 3 Kick n Ban joins.

[Killer] ok but i sometimes do cross 500

[{ULK}Kuntz] rofl

[Kick n Ban] how much ban in the nick ??

[Killer] but not eevertime

[(N2O) Brian] orlando, eu so o brian

[{ULK}Kuntz] lmao

[abbajabba] killed WeeJay

[(N2O) Brian] onde vc ta?

[] I said 2 ban

[Killer] can i start??

[3 Kick n Ban] 3 ?

[(N2O)Vince] vem no aeroporto ! to dentro dele

[abbajabba] killed %KFC%Gunny

[Killer] i will sometimes have over 500 ping

[%KFC%Camaro] lol

[Killer] can i play?

* 3 Kick n Ban parts.

[%KFC%Gunny hows this name 3 kick 2 ban and 1 IP range ban

*3 Kick 2 Ban joins.

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Gamefreek you here?

comeon take off the magnifying glasses, you'll see!





What is this? Dime a dozen SM night O_o

how may i help you xenex?

lol, do you have the link to the cam hack or the cam hack itself that you can send me, i want to take some pics of cars in my gta to put in your thread



gimme a sex

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everyone who was ever a moderator of a forum will understand xenex's reaction and it just came in 1 sec lmao

[04:25] i've been interested in a co-op version, with just ped traffic, peds on sidewalks, wtc....




[04:26] TheCheshire: go to http://www.forum.mtavc.com and go to the suggestions section then youll see why it isnt possible

[04:27] roger that rebel

[04:27] and do a SEARCH!

[04:27] lol

[04:27] not a new topic

[04:27] xD

[04:27] lag isnt really a concern

[04:27] a mod in action lmao

[04:27] ok uninstalled the codec going back in game

edit: next one:

[05:42] i wanna join a gta3 mta server that has people in it.. anyone know any??????????????

[05:42] hahaha

[05:42] no

[05:42] k niht

[05:43] *** DJGTA (~ssjsontru@ has joined channel #multitheftauto

[05:43] *** Mode change "+v DJGTA" for channel #multitheftauto by ChanServ

[05:43] !k HeLL[R]az0r|away no advertising, join #mta-servers for that

[05:43] *** HeLL[R]az0r|away has been kicked off channel #multitheftauto by ChanServ ((Kent767-sleep) no advertising, join #mta-servers for that)

[05:43] *** HeLL[R]az0r|away (~hellraz0r@218-101-14-187.paradise.net.nz) has joined channel #multitheftauto

[05:43] lol

[05:43] last work before sleep eh

[05:43] lol

[05:43] im not advertising im looking for a server

[05:43] err sry misread that

[05:43] yeah my bad

[05:43] get ASE

[05:43] lmao

[05:43] hi

[05:43] i have

[05:43] actualy

[05:43] misread again

[05:43] ROFL

[05:43] and i refresh and it doesn't work

[05:44] wait for 0.4

[05:44] :-P

[05:44] lmao

[05:44] night guys

[05:44] rofl

[05:44] dam

[05:44] * Kent767-sleep needs sleep

[05:43] err sry misread that

[05:43] yeah my bad

[05:43] get ASE

^thats the best part imo, how kent tried to make it good with ase

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[19:36:45] i was the pokemon master

[19:36:52] me2

[19:36:57] i could pwn u @ it

[19:37:10] w/ my.. uh. venisaur or something, and mew2

[19:37:28] i stole some cards from som younger kids

[19:37:36] some

[19:37:40] we threw pokemon cards in a pool

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(19:18:00) —› nick: (Rob86_Server) is now known as (Roberta86)

(19:18:12) —› nick: (MAD_BOY) is now known as (MAD_GIRL)

(19:19:12) —› nick: (rebel_) is now known as (rebella)

(19:19:19) —› nick: (SM|Slash) is now known as (Slashie)

(04:15:59) (+Robpol86) for a sex
Edited by Guest
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[07:09] after august it starts getting cold again :(

[07:09] lol

[07:09] thats fine for me

[07:10] cant wait till snow

[07:11] <_rebel_> yeah i miss snowboarding >:)

[07:11] lol

[07:11] me and my friends are gonna go have fun in one of my friends trucks :P

[07:13] <_rebel_> >_>

[07:13] <_rebel_> >_<

[07:13] <_>

[07:13] ^_^

[07:13] O_o

[07:13] <_rebel_> EWWWW

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-=[22:41:47]=- <--lives in America

-=[22:41:54]=- <-- doesn't

-=[22:41:57]=- :P

-=[22:42:01]=- <--doesnt know Swedish

-=[22:42:02]=- <-- dosent use condom

-=[22:42:07]=- <---hates Robpol

-=[22:42:11]=- <-- too

-=[22:42:16]=- <-- got candy

-=[22:42:21]=- <--- doesnt

-=[22:42:23]=- <-- has m&m's

-=[22:42:27]=- <-- dosent

-=[22:42:30]=- <--- has soda

-=[22:42:34]=- STFU

-=[22:42:36]=- <-- too

-=[22:42:36]=- <-- has coke

-=[22:42:37]=- HOLY SHIT

-=[22:42:39]=- <-- too

-=[22:42:44]=- <-- gay

he did it again :P

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LMAO! yes i posted it b4 rebel!

[Tue 11:01:11 pm] (Siegfreud) .|Siegfreud's mpeg layer 3|.:[ Galaxia feat. Linda - The Best ]:.

[Tue 11:01:19 pm] (+Robpol86) Siegfreud

[Tue 11:01:23 pm] (+Robpol86) stop advertising

[Tue 11:01:29 pm] (Siegfreud) y?

[Tue 11:01:32 pm] (+Robpol86) no one wants to listen to your gay music

[Tue 11:01:38 pm] (+Robpol86) or watch you listen

[Tue 11:01:42 pm] (+Robpol86) or know that you listen to gay music

[Tue 11:01:46 pm] (Siegfreud) who says it's gay?

[Tue 11:01:49 pm] (+Robpol86) i do

[Tue 11:02:03 pm] (Siegfreud) then you're about 8 years old..

[Tue 11:02:05 pm] (Sentinel) hey ive watched lesbian porn before some of them look sexy

[Tue 11:02:06 pm] (+Robpol86) i am?

[Tue 11:02:10 pm] (+Robpol86) wtf

[Tue 11:02:13 pm] (+Robpol86) whered that come from

[Tue 11:02:15 pm] (+Robpol86) LOL

[Tue 11:02:18 pm] (Hype|Joseph[TecH]) rofl

[Tue 11:02:19 pm] (Sentinel) wrong window

[Tue 11:02:20 pm] (Sentinel) lol

[Tue 11:02:22 pm] (+Robpol86) LOL

[Tue 11:02:23 pm] (+Robpol86) LMAO

[Tue 11:02:26 pm] (rebel_t2) LOL

[Tue 11:02:26 pm] (Siegfreud) kinda childish behavior..

[Tue 11:02:40 pm] (rebel_t2) ROFL

[Tue 11:02:41 pm] (+Robpol86) lolol

[Tue 11:02:44 pm] (+Robpol86) lmao

[Tue 11:02:47 pm] (+Robpol86) OMG i cant stop

[Tue 11:02:48 pm] (rebel_t2) wahahahaha!

[Tue 11:02:49 pm] (Sentinel) sorry my face feels red now

[Tue 11:02:54 pm] (+Robpol86) that was so random!

[Tue 11:02:55 pm] (+Robpol86) LOL

[Tue 11:02:55 pm] (rebel_t2) pwned yourself xD

[Tue 11:03:06 pm] (rebel_t2) aaahahahaha

[Tue 11:03:14 pm] (+Robpol86) now im wondering what kind of conversaions you have

[Tue 11:03:18 pm] (Siegfreud) xD? sum kinda spanish "lol"?

[Tue 11:03:20 pm] (rebel_t2) indeed

[Tue 11:03:26 pm] (+Robpol86) xD is a face

[Tue 11:03:27 pm] (rebel_t2) xD an expression

[Tue 11:03:28 pm] (+Robpol86) LOL

[Tue 11:03:34 pm] (+Robpol86) omg thats halarious

[Tue 11:03:34 pm] (Siegfreud) it is?

[Tue 11:03:35 pm] (+Robpol86) LOLOL

[Tue 11:03:38 pm] (Sentinel) latinas are very sexy

[Tue 11:03:43 pm] (+Robpol86) i never saw that comming

[Tue 11:03:43 pm] (rebel_t2) :o

[Tue 11:03:45 pm] (Sentinel) because we got the stuff

[Tue 11:03:46 pm] (+Robpol86) Sentinel, i agree

[Tue 11:03:47 pm] (+Robpol86) 100%

[Tue 11:03:48 pm] (@Kent767-work) im effing tired

[Tue 11:03:53 pm] (+Robpol86) kent dont ruin the moment

[Tue 11:03:54 pm] (@Kent767-work) had to work 16 hours yesterday

[Tue 11:03:58 pm] (@Kent767-work) and did 12 hours today

[Tue 11:03:59 pm] (+Robpol86) kent SHUT UP

[Tue 11:04:01 pm] —› nick: Kent767-work is now known as Kent767-sleep

[Tue 11:04:03 pm] (rebel_t2) shut up Kent767-sleep!!

[Tue 11:04:04 pm] (rebel_t2) :P

[Tue 11:04:04 pm] (+Robpol86) night

[Tue 11:04:08 pm] (rebel_t2) night

[Tue 11:04:09 pm] (+Robpol86) kent ruined it!

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ok, MAD_BOY's ready list (in irc) (and others)

(im newguy)

[2:41pm] dr. peppe rules

[2:41pm] <+MAD_BOY> lets see

[2:41pm] *here?

[2:41pm] We only serve water now because everyone is too fat

[2:41pm] <+MAD_BOY> ASE = on

[2:41pm] my laptop was up for 1 months and 1 days and a half

[2:41pm] lol

[2:41pm] <+MAD_BOY> SHirt = on

[2:41pm] no soft drinks

[2:41pm] lol

[2:41pm] <+MAD_BOY> PC = totally ready

[2:41pm] pants = ff

[2:41pm] *off

[2:41pm] lol

[2:41pm] lol

[2:41pm] gf = ready

[2:41pm] * newguy sheilds his eyes

[2:41pm] lol

[2:41pm] <+MAD_BOY> hmm yeah, i don't have mta pants

[2:41pm] from mad_boy of course

[2:41pm] <+MAD_BOY> Pants = normal

[2:41pm] <+MAD_BOY> :P

[2:41pm] yo don't

[2:41pm] lol

[2:42pm] <_Samantha> im bored

[2:42pm] pant = pants?

[2:42pm] i really cant type

[2:42pm] pants*

[2:42pm] <+MAD_BOY> MTA Flags = ready

[2:42pm] same :P

[2:42pm] typping too fast

[2:42pm] yay

[2:42pm] <+MAD_BOY> Paper MTA hat = ready

[2:42pm] :D

[2:42pm] Coke = ready

[2:42pm] mta bumpersticker= ready

[2:42pm] lol

[2:42pm] BrophY (VCES_Broph@82-47-50-11.stb.ubr02.dudl.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined. «52 people»

[2:42pm] mta 0.4 = not ready[b/]

[2:42pm] lol

[2:42pm] <+Aeron> :|

[2:42pm] lol

[2:42pm] <_Samantha> ChuckyCheeze SMILE = Ready

[2:42pm] * BrophY humps topic

[2:42pm] <+MAD_BOY> nah, my parents don't want stickers on their car

[2:42pm] <[KFC]Camaro> lol

[2:43pm] if i e-mailed them when the site was down, would they get it?

[2:43pm] lol

[2:43pm] * [KFC]Camaro humps MTA 0.4

[2:43pm] yes we would

[2:43pm] * BrophY humps camaros leg

[2:43pm] <+MAD_BOY> MTA folder with all the mta dev screenies = ready

[2:43pm] lo Aeron

[2:43pm] ok

[2:43pm] <[KFC]Camaro> Ooooh yea :D

[2:43pm] * newguy steals mta 0.4 and puts it up for dl

[2:43pm] lol

[2:43pm] lol

[2:43pm] i mean borrows

[2:43pm] lol there is no mta 0.4 to hump...

[2:43pm] w/o asking

[2:43pm] without servers, it's hard :P

[2:43pm] PUDDY!

[2:43pm] ...yet...

[2:43pm] <10@MrBump> yes there is

[2:43pm] <_Samantha> PMS = READY

[2:43pm] <{ULK}SexyB> BROPHY!

[2:43pm] well

[2:43pm] BROPHY!

[2:43pm] lol

[2:43pm] * @MrBump is in it

[2:43pm] <+Robpol86> what?

[2:43pm] lo m8

[2:43pm] <+Aeron> wow .4 99% ready xD

[2:43pm] BROPHY!

[2:43pm] <+Robpol86> wtf is going on in here

[2:43pm] HEY MAN"!

[2:43pm] <+MAD_BOY> GTA# = ready

[2:43pm] * BrophY humps puddy then relises deathb then humps him

[2:43pm] <+MAD_BOY> 3*

[2:43pm] lol

[2:44pm] * Nutz-work was in it this morning but not 0.4

[2:44pm] <+MAD_BOY> keyboard+gamepad = ready

[2:44pm] lmao!

[2:44pm] * StAnToN humps Brophy

[2:44pm] lmao!*

[2:44pm] * StAnToN humps brophy

[2:44pm] lol

[2:44pm] <+MAD_BOY> mouse = also ready

[2:44pm] tv hookup = not ready

[2:44pm] lol

[2:44pm] has MrBump ever been in it?

[2:44pm] * BrophY had enough of humping and needs a drink

[2:44pm] i gotta get my pc hooked up to my bigscreen soon

[2:44pm] bro wussup man

[2:44pm] j/k

[2:44pm] <10@MrBump> frequently

[2:44pm] <+MAD_BOY> i'm sure i forgot something

[2:44pm] b4 mta .4 release

[2:44pm] <+MAD_BOY> oh yeah!

[2:44pm] * [KFC]Camaro humps MTA 0.4 PARTYSERVER

[2:44pm] <+Aeron> lalala

[2:44pm] <10@MrBump> hurry!

[2:44pm] <+Robpol86> MAD_BOY, you need beer

[2:44pm] <+Robpol86> or meth

[2:44pm] <_Samantha> nylon thongs and whipping straps /w nipple pericing clamps = ready

[2:44pm] or both

[2:44pm] <+Aeron> MTA:mA 3.0 = ready

[2:44pm] <+Robpol86> what are you talking about

[2:44pm] <+Aeron> xD

[2:44pm] * BrophY humps gta3 disk

[2:44pm] lol

[2:44pm] <+MAD_BOY> internet = ready

[2:44pm] <10@MrBump> aeron: bugs

[2:44pm] <+Robpol86> WTF

[2:44pm] sweet

[2:45pm] <+Aeron> but first: VLA!!!!!!

[2:45pm] * [KFC]Camaro humps VC disk

[2:45pm] <1MrBump> well, missing stuff, PM

[2:45pm] lol

[2:45pm] <+Robpol86> _Samantha you have a picture of that?

[2:45pm] lol

[2:45pm] gta3, more cops action

[2:45pm] :D

[2:45pm] lol

[2:45pm] http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=118647#118647

[2:45pm] :P

[2:45pm] <_Samantha> nah i was just playing, i dont have none of those

[2:45pm] <_Samantha> that shit would hurt

[2:45pm] <+Robpol86> aww

[2:45pm] <+Robpol86> lmao

[2:45pm] lol

[2:45pm] stanton

[2:45pm] :)

[2:45pm] <_Samantha> my nipples are sensative

[2:45pm] sweet

[2:45pm] im logging all of this off to the forums!

[2:45pm] lol

[2:45pm] can i see them?

[2:45pm] <+Robpol86> tell me more

[2:45pm] time to post it up


[2:46pm] <_Samantha> i like to see mine too

original log- http://acoolkid.no-ip.com/irc_log.txt

unedited- (with colorcodes and crap that i got rid of)- http://acoolkid.no-ip.com/irc_log_orig.txt

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