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Teamspeak (What do people sound like?)


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Xenex - Nightcrawler from Xmen 2

MrBump - Hugh Grant

Deathb - Someone who would give XCripsy his wallet

Ransom - normal (disappointingly so)

XCrispy - a mess but I knew that already

Pi - someone to cheap to buy a mic

DJDC - every dude from Canada

Loendal - Scientist/Math Teacher (see where Im going here)

Gamefreek - Doesn't talk enough to be sure, but normal

Nugget - Like nothing you have heard before.

Wheelmn - a bit of a stoner sound to him

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  • MTA Team

Yes I'm sorry KFC I know you were expecting some little girly voice you could mock...

btw I sound like a stalker? Aye my voice is deeper when I'm sitting at the computer doing nothing.

ok now,

KungFuGrip: The guy on the radio shows early in the morning. You know the kind. They always co-host with some woman. They both always sound the same no matter which radio station you listen to.

DeathB: Someone with a plugged up nose for all eternity


Night Crawler from XMEN 2 for all you who are lost - Click Here

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oh forgot

DrDre - Huckleberry Hound

(but a real nice guy)

-_- You want to die a slow and horrible death....

Mics change my voice and make me sound like that :\

I got a real deep voice, and mics seem to change everyone with deep voice's real voice sound :\

In person youd notice i sound alooooooooot different.

Me = anti redkneck.... cant stand them

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i aint herd noone speak on TS yet :/ i manly just sit in my room with the light off rocking backwards and forwards talking to myself

OK now you are scaring me.

:\ I 3rd that.

But its the truth, i repeatly moved keva into our channel and he jus runs off, and them priv msg's me saying giv him a second to pull his pants up...


::scared for life::

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