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Configure the life of players

Guest LuK

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I do not know if somebody already had this idea but it would be well to be able to configure the life of the players in the options of the server. Another idea would be to be able to choose to activate, or not, the ammunition of Hunter, always in the options of the server.

Thank you for your achieved work, I play Vice City again now... :lol:


[PS] Sorry for my english :roll:

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see it that way: i want EVERYTHING to be configurable.


- health (admin only)

- weapons on/off (for spas and minigun and grandes and such) (admin only)

- colors of the chat/scores thingys and the text colors on them etc (players)

- which viecles maybe (yes i know too much work, but ill give it a go :P) (admin only)

- starting time (players)

well thats all i can think about now...

anyone got better idea's?

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That would be difficult to create, but possible. You'd have to work very very very hard on anti-cheat measures, probably require the addition of a .scm decomplier, and they'd need to create a way to edit the document without screwing things up, but it would add to the game.

Personally, I feel that a more realistic goal would be the server being able to change the power of the weapons by toying with the weapons.dat, though that is a formidable task anyways.

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The hunters ammo is always useless cuz in MTA u cant shoot with that!

AND if the ammo is limited, what can u do with the hunter ?

crush people?

The same things that you can do with the other helicopters ^^


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The only problems this would pose is an admin setting up the server to be too one-sided.

Uh, how? the idea is that the settings the admin sets up, would be transferred to the other players, so its not like the admin has an advantage. if you mean one-sided gameplay, hey, switch servers.

If you wanted to set this up without having to re-de-compile the scm every time a change is made, couldnt you have the server just write the new co-ordinates into the scm, like a file hack? i can hex-edit coordinates into an scm without re-compiling it as long as i know the address to write too. something like that would work as long as you didnt add / remove anything to the scm.

congrats wheelman, now you have 2 worthless posts in here, as opposed to one.

guns dont work on the hunter? hmm, maybe try flying it like a normal chopper?

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