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he also claims a 1000000 foot wheelie on a pcj. quite the interesting little cheater if u ask me considering that i know people who stunt for a living and have only gotten 550 (whatever the world record is) but he claims that hes gotten a 700ftr

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I need to get home but once I do ill show you that i can jump 700 feet


world GTA:vc Jump record. 713ft on a pcg

Sandflesh, dont waste your time dont bother posting the pics for 4 reasons

#1. there is NO WHERE in Vice City you can get the speed up and get high enough to pull that off without cheating.

#2. Even if if you pull a legit World Record Stunt you need to post a vid of the stunt for it to be recognized as a World Record.

#3. You should have posted this in the Thread thats all ready started.


#4. mmmmm, er, whats a PCG?? :?

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