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Adminning Multiplay Dedicated box?


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Ive posted here before, but with no solution.

[HH] Hopeless Heroes, recently added an MTA:VC server, but we have no idea how to admin it, since we are used to playing MOHAA, and CoD.

Please could someone give me a step-by-step guide how to set up the server, and what tools I need to admin it, the cheaters are getting too much and we NEED the ability to kick cheats ASAP.

Thanks for your time.

All at [HH].


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download the server, and install it


download this and put it in C:/program files/mta

run the program, its self explanatory with how to set everything up except for the stats page. the stats page isnt necesary but should you want one there is info on how to set it up in the add on section


put that in C:/program files/mta to, you can run it from there and you connect to port 4003 (thats the default admin port) with a password that you choose in the config tool. once you are connected with the admin tool then you have 3 buttons. one for chat, one to kick, and one to ban. thats pretty much all there is to it.

-if theres anything u still need help on just say so

p.s. its fairly hard to detect cheaters, as not everyone is cheating and there are only a couple of "obvious" cheats. talk to me on msn some time and il try and tell u how to detect cheaters so you dont ban people because of lag/glitches

msn is compufan2000@yahoo.com

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the server admin tool that deathb pointed you to is how you would kick/ban/use mtama. but first you will have to edit the server config file to enable it and tell it what port/password/names are allowed to admin.

it's good to see someone who cares about keeping their server secured from lamers. Deathb is right though. people who have been playing mta for a while can tell the difference between a cheat and a glitch, there are subtle clues that someone is using a health cheat, but more often than not it's always lag. other cheats are easy to spot, like flying cars, weapons, altered handling (cars that go a billion miles per hour, or fly up really high when hit, or can plow through a car without flintching)

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