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PS2 pad for pc vice city

Guest StevieG

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Does anybody use there ps2 pad when playing gta?

im just having a go and the buttons are completely messed up, but i cant remember the original buttons, anybody know the correct buttons they can tell me?


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W/ lag tho, does autoaim even work lol, altho what would it matter for blaze, which while i'm talking of blaze, in your sig, it's ANYTHING as opposed to NOTHING, I can't stop you from cheating like a newb, but I can help correct grammar so at least you don't talk like one eh.

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I used a PS/2 adaptor and gamepad until the adaptor broke. I couldn't find another adaptor so I bought a logitech USB gamepad with analog sticks. The Logitech is almost identical to a

genuine PS/2 gamepad and works great. There is no substitute for the analog sticks

for running and flying.

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