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A few Stunt Masters hanging out...

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SM-BiZaRrE:Mwwhahahaha, lets have some fun

SM-Gamefreek:lol, lets do it

SM Chaoswolf:I'll get the paint

SM G-force:ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


SM Chaoswolf:Biz hand me the can of spray paint

SM-BiZaRrE:GF's got'em

SM-Gamefreek:No I don't, Chaos said he'd get them

SM Chaoswolf:?!? DOH! I left them in the car.

SM-Gamefreek:Well, you go down and get them

SM Chaoswolf:Im not jumping down from here I got bad ankles, Biz you go, here are the keys

SM-BiZaRrE:No way man, my knee still hasnt healed from that backflip stunt you talked me into last week.


SM G-Force:ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


SM G-Force:ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

SM Chaoswolf:"G" !!!

SM-BiZaRrE:put a round in the tire, that will wake him up...

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SM Chaoswolf: where did GF go?

SM BiZaRrE: dunno

SM Chaoswolf: damn it he better hurry up


SM Gamefreek: LOOK OUT!!!

SM BiZaRrE died

SM Chaoswolf: nice job, now u killed Biz and knocked me off

SM Gamefreek: i said look out, he didnt listen


SM Chaoswolf: ok from now on no beer for u when u pilot

SM Gamefreek: HEY im not drunk, u shouldn't have put ur hand there

SM Chaoswolf: no excuss

SM Gamefreek: so what now?

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