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Cheat problem

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I play mta VC and what i hear is damit *()/)=)(*ÜOPO()&

they say you can crack the client and use your own handled.cfg ;(

Ihate this damit why cheat why ?

:evil::x:evil::x die cheaters die i hope you DIE

I hope in next version problem will be fixed :(:cry:

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i was in a game yesteday and there where a few cheaters in talking to eachother with cheat they are using

there is a kind of mod if you use it you can fly with every car even a truck

one of them told me he cracked the client so it was impossible to kill him and he could jump as high he wanted .

this is on the new client version

i realy hate cheaters i'm in a clan with battlefield and a good thing is in the new upgrade punkbuster is included .

Whe have a lot of cheaters in that game and i hope it will stop with the upgrade .

Why not a sort of punkbuster or something for mta :D

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OMFG stop saying stuff about cheating we already know it will improve at least theyve stoped trianers

WROOOONG, yesterday i was just trying out how high the trainer detection level is. and it's actually VERY simple to bypass this security

and no i am not trying to cheat, just trying out some stuff

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