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Roleplay server gezocht.

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Beste lezer,

Sinds kort speel ik met een vriend van mij MTA.

Daarop heb ik een server gevonden genaamd: SAUR:RPG.

Dat is een uitgebreide roleplay server.

Nu is mijn vraag of iemand dit voor mij kan na scripten.

Ik ben beried hier een beloning tegen over te zetten.

Voor verder contact:

Skype: wesleywillems17



Wesley Willems

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Je kan ook een kant-en-klare versie en die zelf iets aanpassen.

Link: ... includes=1

Hier is info erover:

Basic Roleplay is a gamemode with all the features you'll need and want it to have.

Basic Roleplay is based on simple script and database system, and is using a logical system inside important scripts for fast and easy function/text managing.

Basic Roleplay is a fast and light system, easy to manage and not compiled. All files are secure unless you let someone to have access to manage your MTA folders.


- 100%: admin system (basic features such as kick, ban, freeze, mute, slap, hugeslap, announcements, teleporting, flying, invisibility, creation/deletion/management of vehicles and teleports, admin duty, hidden admin, reports)

- 100%: bank system (GUI, withdraw, deposit)

- 100%: binding system (lock, lights, engine, chat)

- 100%: chat system (local in-character, local out-of-character, global out-of-character, megaphone)

- 100%: database system (using simple and easy manageable XML storage and internal database)

- 100%: emergency system (strobes, sirens, megaphone)

- 100%: exports system (all important and common functions are exported for easier use)

- 100%: faction system (GUI, faction chat, faction radio)

- 100%: interior system (owners, teleports, arrows, the main idea)

- 100%: main system (spawn, respawn, register, login, reports)

- 100%: medical system (heal, stretcher)

- 100%: police system (laser, arrest, cuff, taser)

- 100%: restore system (no childs are completely deleted from XML files, they won't load, but they will stay there in case of misuse or such)

- 100%: shop system (restaurants/cafes, firearms, vehicles, general stores, clothing)

- 100%: weather system (realistic weather changing, water height, wave height, rain level)

- 100%: vehicle system (buy, sell, toggling of lock, fuel, lights, engine and handbrake)


1.0f - download here!

1.0f-rc1 - download here!

1.1a - download here!

1.1b - download not available

Upcoming version details:

1.1b: this version is an alpha trial of the upcoming final versions.

New to 1.1b:

- airline system (gates, commands for captain and crew, air tower, taxi/take off/landing permissions)

- inventory system (GUI, some items can be placed in GTA world and will save)

- MDC system (completed version of MDC with regular features)

One character only -base. You register, login and you're done! No need to create characters. One account, one character. Easy to manage and it's even better for the whole community - no double-characters in same factions, more activity, no alt-to-alt transfers.

It's so easy, and so light. And even easier to install!

Created by Socialz. Some original MTA resources in use with small edits. Some public scripts in use with small edits. However, the gamemode is completely made by Socialz.

Special thanks for mabako, you gave me some inspiration and help from your programming work and scripting work in general - love you.

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