Will my problem get fixed??

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Alright i just post a topic and it got removed

However does the problem have been readed??? did title misleading

Seriously it give too much advantage and i alway overclock so i can't play MTA if i overclock

I want it to get fixed and there is no any notice to me like : yup yup it will get fixed in next MTA version

Or i can't post a bug that will give player advantage

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I believe it was already fixed? I used to turn off my overclock before entering MTA, because it got me kicked for passing the FPS limit. but now i'm clocked at 4.4ghz and it doesn't do anything.

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This is weird then because

I overclocked and it still run faster

Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 2.40 to 2.80 Ghz

Maybe it is not fully fixed

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What is your exact motherboard model?

What is the BIOS version number?

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