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Did You Miss Gamers Alliance While Its Server Was Down?  

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  1. 1. Did You Miss Gamers Alliance While Its Server Was Down?

    • Yea, So Much I Almost Comited Suicide!
    • No, Im Glad They Were Down!

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lol yeah, i am glad we are finally back up. The sad thing is that we have (hopefully) temporarly lost some files. We used to have 250 videos now we have about 100. I am hoping they have backed up more recently then Dec. 5. Things should be back to normal within a couple days.

Is the uploader actually working? i haven't tryed it so i dunno. If its not sadly i can't do anything about it until they finish fixing the server... :cry:

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Well, ALOT of files are missing from the /videos folder. I have contacted my host concerning the missing files. No comment is one of the files missing. Trust me i know how you feel Metus is also one of the files missing. I will start digging through my Cache this afternoon and see if i can find some of the vids that are no longer up and i will reupload them for you if i have it. If you know that your file is missing give me the name of the file so i can look for it.

Give me the name here or either email me at:



or catch me on msn: Boomershine25@hotmail.com

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Sadly, i just discovered that there is no hope for recovering all the files lost =-( what we have now is all we can recover, So upload your vida agian or upload any vids that you have that aren't in on our server. We gotta work towards having our big library again.

Sorry everyone

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