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GTA3:MTA 0.4 general the same like MTAVC version 0.2 or 0.3?

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When the process started for gta3:mta 0.4 the mtateam said it would be the same like mta:vc 0.2. But now mta:vc 0.3 is there for almost 2 weeks. And the process-bar for gta3:mta 0.4 is now by 60%.

Is the mtateam trying to make it like version 0.3 or 0.2?

Because version 0.3 has a lot of bug fixed...

Am I asking a stupid question? Then delete this post. I don't want to spam!

btw does MrBump and RISO like to use the plane in MTA? :P

I can't wait to use it when gta3:mta is out !!! :D

second btw ( :P ) why is gta3:mta 0.4 not just called MTA:3 0.4 like mta:vc?

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It should stand for Liberty City. But this would maybe let people think that this version of MTA has to do something with the GTA:LC (=porting LC in Vice City engine) mod. So I think a name for this MTA mod with containing GTA3 would be better. :idea: But the name isn't important, the functionality is.

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Yeh the functionality is more important,

But if the name is clearer, then it is for people better to understand what the software contents.

MTA mod for GTA3 > GTA3:MTA

MTA mod for GTAVC > MTA:VC

But the next MTA version wil be MTA 0.4

And this will have:

- MTA mod for GTA3

- MTA mod for GTAVC

And I suggest that we then drop the names GTA3:MTA and MTA:VC ...

(I little tip for MTAteam :P )

Does anyone degree or disagree?

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Actually the next release will be MTA 0.4, as said elsewhere, and it will contain new versions of both gta3:mta and mta:vc in one client. It wont be core 0.4 as currently thats in development for vice city only.

You mean I will have to download the VC AND GTA3 clint???

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