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LateNightKillaz Gaming Guild offering membership to gangs


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As the name implies, we are a gaming guild dedicated to...gaming. We play many games including UT2003, bf1942, Half-Life, Halo, XIII, Raven Shield, Warcraft III, MTA, and more.

Our expansion continues, and therefore we are offering a membership to one clan/gang in MTA. A gang must meet these conditions:

1. The gang must have at least 10 members.

2. The gang must behave. (Racist or otherwise offensive behavior among members will not be tolerated)

The benefits of membership include:

1. Gang's personal section on our message boards (We feel that for generic discussion, our forum should be sufficient. We will provide you with your own forum if you can convince us that it is absolutely necessary.)

2. Webspace (optional)

3. Access to our voice chat server, which is powered by ventrilo.

4. @latenightkillaz.com e-mail addresses (optional)

5. Additional services may be provided upon request. Member opinions usually determine what changes we make.

Please check us out before registering at http://www.latenightkillaz.com. Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading! We hope to game with you!

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