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Template competition (11/01/2004 @ 03:24 CET) by MTA team


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  • MTA Team

For some time now we have been rebuilding the entire site and when we released site version 4 it will be built on a template parser system wrapped around a login system.

This login system will enable users to register themselves and set some simple settings such as the number of news posts visible. One of the new features will be the chance to choose between multiple templates.

Since it would be a lot of work, we will not be designing all of the templates, but rather we are going to ask you, the community, to build them. Don't worry; you don't need to build the entire site, only templates for the site to follow.

For all the details and what can be in it for you i suggest you take a look here.

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A good thing to do is make the website look "futuristic" like dont make the sharp edges on boxes , make it like round and smoth ... I dont know about the color . But silver is also a "future looking" color . It would also be a good idea . of adding a chat to the website . So people can hangout .

I just found out about this chat here : http://www.sinasoft.net/ (warning : BIG picture of ugly creator in index page :D ) This chat offerts camera and voice support . And also typping :wink: ... There is a small link to their website and you cant costumize the page , you can change the color and background . But not like integrate it in the MTA website ...

I think it uses it's own software and not java ( i think)

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  • 1 month later...

Ok, here's the first version which is far from final, but is something I've done during the short time this evening.


Comments are appreciated.

I've a taxi because it's sort of a "regular" car, its model is quite detailed and I like the look of it :).

I'm thinking about putting the latest news to the left of the taxi, affiliates - below the menu on the left. Login form/personal stuff (when logged in) - on the right, and a 120x600 banner below it.

By the way, shall I open a seperate thread for template competition? Hmm.. Why not. I hope there're others who make templates as well

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