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MTA Protocol

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I understand that everyone has seen some big problems with Cheating in MTA. I think there are several issues that the MTA team needs to address. In about 10 minutes of work I analysed the MTA server to client protocol and wrote a server status checker: http://dev.intreza.net/mta.php With a fair amount (less than a few days) I could probably reverse engineer a whole server, or at the very least a passthru cheating device.

Now let me first say that I don't plan to make a cheating device of any kind, I have no desire to cheat, MTA is plenty fun without cheating. My only point is that it doesn't really matter if you have the server check crc of files or anything like that, they can intercept packets and send the server things that the real GTA:VC wouldn't let them.

Just some thoughts guys.

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We don't really care about any of this. What you've mentioned is a fairly trivial process for anyone who knows what they're doing. We are not going to dedicate any more time to it in the current core.

The next core (0.4) will feature a robust array of anticheating counter-measures, and generally very tight security.


aka slush

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He was just trying to give some advise. Why do you *the MTA Dev Team* have to be such pricks about everything?

Why are you angry? slush didnt say anything bad, he just said that they know about this but they really dont care as much to do somethign about it,they will do it in the new core,and that anyone that knows what they are doing and really wants to crack these files, will be able to do it.However the new core will be much harder.

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