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3rd party cars

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Whats 3rd party car support looking like? I dont know anything baout it, but from the background i want to say... custom maps too? what?

If you want, I'd be happy to build an auto-downloader client server system, either as a part of the mod itself or as another GTA support system.

I cant live without my autodownload.


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Well, so long as the collision files aren't changed, then ya, it should work (it MIGHT still work with different collision files, but I'm not sure).

3rd party maps are supported, although both players have to have the maps installed, or it'll look like the other player is floating.

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yeah, thats about what i was thinking.

there really needs to be an autodownloader facility. i'll make one 4th party if need be, but how many people are going to download a mod for a mod so they can connect to your server? i sure as fsck would, and i know a gang of friends who would too, hell, i probably wouldnt connect to non-customized game worlds given the choice, but i know a lot of the gaming world would probably just stick with whatever servers they double clicked on that worked.

moving this into suggestions.

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