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where do we hold discusions between 2 gangs?


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we are told to not talk with gangs in thier threads so does that mean we should do it in our own? i see no place where you can hold a discusion between 2 gangs. if you could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated

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you could post in opposing gang threads.. IF YOU GUYS WERNT SUCK COCKBITES AND STARTED FLAMING ALL THE FREAKING TIME!! gah, itsyour own faults figure it out yourselves :)
Afraid that's not possible... your friend MrBump had this to say in the TMM thread:
Blokker said: We see latly more and more ppl calling each others names. MTA is a game, keep it sportiv, if i see more ppl shitting on one another rest assured i will not hesitate to ban ppl

Enough, this is TMM_'s gang thread, for thier own gang business and annoucements, NOT for you all to invade and start a flame war / cheat accusation war. Accusations and discussions about wether they gangs or gang members cheat or not can be held in relevant threads.

I will be suspending accounts of those that stray out of thier own gangs threads and invade other gangs threads too much. Be warned

As for us being "cockbites" and flaming all the time... we never did that. From the very start people like Bump were flaming us for no reason at all in public, and now he posts this when we try to pull something like that. What we did was for a good cause, however - TMM accused us of "cheating" when one of our members respawned during a gangwar (which was totally out of our hands) and kicked all of us from their server, thus canceling the match. Now, we catch one of their members TRULY cheating and report it, just for a bit of... oh, revenge. :)

So, now I ask, where do we post things of this nature besides in the opposing gang's thread? :roll:

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why not make a gang chat section. that way we can hold a convo between gangs without it being considered irrelevant and bla bla bla. when you post something like them being a caught cheater, i dont see it as being a private matter after how they accused us of cheating in public.. but im getting off topic here. basically heres my two questions

1. you dont want us to talk about them openly in there thread, but instead in "relevant threads"

where are these relevant threads?

2. why not make a gang chat section in the forums? that way we can talk about things between gangs without worrying about all the "your posting in the wrong place" stuff.

-for referance-

-im not arguing that i posted in the right place, i said that i just simply didnt know where to post it in one of the very first posts that i did in there

-im not being an asshole in saying these things, so please dont reply with a flame(for some reason i just feel it coming) i just wanna know so that i dont repeat the mistake.

p.s. zircon: try and keep on topic, we all know about what happened in the tmm thread and with bump, this is about where do we talk between 2 or more gangs so that were not invading them

p.s.s. ransom, im talking about where on the FORUMS do we post these things

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I though we had made a gang challenge thread or something before, neh

if you guys want you could make a new thread to CHALLENGE other threads, not to wait to be challenged... try it, if your doing it wrong we'll just lock it, :-D

you'd think we could be more clear on these forums eh? but we have such different types of mods here they go by different rules, sucks for you guys :)

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