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New wojjie banner?


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  • MTA Team

our sponsor wanted a new banner. This one was made for us to best fit the site. And yes it sticks out. But not as bad as the other ones he had. Our website is verry demanding and we ae happy wojjie is willing to host us. The banner doesn't really hurt, and once u r used to it u don't even notice it anymore.

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I never noticed it before now I have and clicked on it and I am considering buying a private server. only 35 bucks not bad, that way I can wield the admin power I crave!!!

*calms down*


Well my point is banners are supposed to be noticed and this one is working, besides it looks just dandy to me.

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  • MTA Team

Well the reason I notice it is because it seems to always be the first thing to load up when I come to mtavc. This is because I usually go onto the forums during school, there are no cookies saved or anything so the page is totally reloaded. An ugly reminder. :P

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