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I did not post, nor never would openly post, a link to a cheat site for any reason. Who ever impersonated me, do your fucking homework before you pull this shit. I'm not a moron like you so I don't do stupid shit like that. Also thanks for showing everyone how stupid you are by messing with me. I'm sure everyone is your friend now.

I want to clear up right now. I don't know Wheelman. I don't know KungFuGrip. I don't know anyone in KFC because they formed up before I came back. So I don't know if they cheat nor think they do. Hell, I didn't even know there are cheats for MTA. So DO NOT think that they cheat because someone thought they could be cute and post as me saying so. Like I said, I'm not a moron. I wouldn't post it publicly like a noob. If I thought someone was cheating, no one would know about it untill the DEV's did something about it. It's their job to decide what to do about it.

So everyone in KFC, I sincerely apologize to you for you having to go through this. Also, to anyone who said anything about in the forums or in chat, I understand that you were fooled into thinking it was me, so no need to say sorry or feel bad.


I just found out who it was that messed with me. (robre) Why did he do that to me? I don't even know the faggot.

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  • MTA Team

Answer to your question: he probably just knew you had a good status in the MTA community and the devs trust you on what you say. He could use your account to make the devs trust you and believe KFC cheats (and they did at first).

There is a player named asshole. He is quite a little cheater and everyone who says his name gets kicked by the swear script lol

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Well see, the thing is, I haven't been around lately so he might not have known me. I don't know. Who cares. Taken care of, right?

Also, here is another good way to tell it's me. No where in that post was a flame. I mean, when don't I flame someone? Obviously if I thought they cheated, I would have said "Hey n00b you suck ass 'cause you have to cheat" or something better.

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I obviously knew it was a lie. I was shocked that it was Warlord, I had just given him a usmc gunny chevron :shock: I thought someone must have impersonated Wheelmn in IRC. It turned out that it was robre trying to exact revenge on smowmane's behalf (without his permission, I hear) Because snowmane is no longer in KFC.

Snowmane quit and felt dissed when we didn't just let him back in no questions asked. He met robre online and the idea of revenge was bounced around. Snowmane allegedly rejected this idea and robre went on with his plans anyway.

that's the whole story short and sweet.

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Warlord, as soon as we found this post we had people thinking aout it right awya the entire chan checking everything, it was actually kind of fun seeing everyone work together (bump even unbanned someone for a flood kick!) and in no time we found out who it was! now all left to do is


hehehe mofo....

don't worry warlord, most of us knew it was you, just didnt look like your style (no flaming? the hell) I'm just glade it was cleared up before it got out of hand.

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robre has an account on this forum. joined jan 7 as i told a certain someone last night. ban that fauqer

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