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Questions about banned.lst

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I'm curious about how wildcards work too, cause I can't for the life of me get it to work.

My IP address on my mta computer is

If I shut down the server, enter that ip address into my banned.lst file, then load the server again, I am banned. I can't enter.

However, If I try to use a wildcard for the ban, no such luck. No matter how I try, I can't ban myself using a wildcard... i can always enter the server. EACH time I shut down the server, modify the banned.lst file, then load the server again... so I know it refreshes the data. I have tried the following combinations:





(and many others... but you get the picture)

As well as manually entering the wildcard bans into the banned.lst file, I used the admin tool to try to ban ip 192.168.*

When I do that, it adds 192.168.

to my banned.lst file... no * or anything... but it still doesn't keep me out of the server.

I also tried using a "clean" banned.lst file (only 1 or 2 ips listed... not a big file).

How does wild card banning work??

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