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Moderate the Official servers

Guest Jimmy2003

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i think this is the biggest load of bs i have ever seen.

every day i go into the official servers to usually play stunt mode and there hasnt been one time when i go in and dont see a cheater/grief player.

what usually happns is im driving my bike or whatever around and some lame ass jacks it right from me. i then let the server know "dont jack my vehicle" and the message doesnt seem to be sent then out of frustration i say "DAMN IT DONT TAKE MY VEHICLES" and get kicked from the server for shouting then have to wait 10 min to get back in because its full. this causes massive frustration which i usually have to take out by stabbing someone on the streets with a knife. JUST KIDDING LMOFOHAHHEEHEHHAH. But anyways, this is really starting to piss me off. if you had one person in there moderating atleast some of the conversations or looking at the logs atleast you could get about 50 cheaters in a day. the problem is they keep coming back day after day.

im sure this is just a pure waste of my time but atleast i can say i tried to make the game a little better for everyone else.


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lol yes we all know the officials are not problem free right now. but if you go to irc you can usually get there asses banned if they really are cheating. i noticed in the mirc section that they finally made a script that gives people different access levels. im hoping that they will trust some people like kfg with admin and other experienced people to kick these lamers.

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