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help plz

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You think you guys are pissed because its down?

How do you think i feel, I am the one that spends my hard earned cash to pay for domain and webhosting. Trust me i am far more pissed about the site being down then any of you could be.

So keep in mind that you guys are paying NOTHING for the hosting that your getting from TGA.

The site is down because of server issues, i do not know specifics because i have not been able to get ahold of my webhost. This is the first big downtime experience we have had from this host. I am sure they will have it up as soon as possible.

Stop your whinning, be patient, and remember that your not paying anything, so don't be so pissy when it goes down for a day.

~ Bloody

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lol I just am gettin pissed about the site being down myself, a little hot headed right now :evil:

I am hoping that the site will be back up by tmrw but i can make no promises cause this hasn't happened in the past, prior to this it has only been down for a max of a couple hours :(:cry:

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well one good thing is, it gives me an excuse not to release my vid :lol:

edit - oh baby chocolate roses! my favorite :)

p.s. that {ULK}Samurai name that you had last night was DAMN SEXAY! :lol:

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Rebel 36, Thanks for the acknowledgment. Its good to see that atleast someone appreciates what we do.

this is the word i have heard from our host:

"the reason for the outage was the ELF VIRUS."

"we are reinstalling linux on our server"

"It was just the virus some how it got on the new install. So they have to redo it again."

basicly the server got some virus, they had to reinstall linux, then upon installing the software the virus had already infected the new install, so they had to reinstall linux again.

Thats all the info we got right now

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here is what my host had to say about the virus (since your curious):

"A security company has identified what is believed to be the first virus with cross-platform abilities -- it can infect both Windows and Linux operating systems.

And the virus writer claims his virus is a General Public License release, the same license that protects the rights of many GNU/Linux programmers.

This equal opportunity virus, dubbed W32.Winux, was identified by security firm Central Command on Tuesday.

"It is believed to have originated out of the Czech Republic and does not have a destructive payload," Sundermeier said. The virus writer, "Benny/29A," has a web page where he documents W32.Winux along with other viruses he's created, and shares his thoughts on the joys of writing viruses. Benny describes himself as a 20 year old resident of the Czech Republic who likes "Cyberspace, b00ze, psychedelic drugz, Internet and good music" and hates "USA politics, fascists and other idi0tic ppl." He's a member of the 29A VX group. Writing viruses is his "big hobby." "I don't like ppl, which say that I need a psychologist, becoz writing viruses ain't normal ," Benny said, in an interview on his Web page.

W32.Winux is not affecting many computers, nor is it apt to spread quickly, as people do not tend to share executable programs between machines running Linux operating systems and machines running Windows operating systems.

But Sundermeier noted that W32.Winux does represent an interesting technological innovation that may lead to more destructive viruses in the future.

Also called "Linux.Winux," W32.Winux is a non-memory resident virus. It can replicate under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 (Win32) and Linux operating systems and it infects EXE (Windows executable) and ELF files (Linux executable).

The infection method is not sophisticated. The virus overwrites the ". reloc" section of Windows executable files. If the reloc section size is not large enough to hold the virus body, the file is not infected. It does not destroy data but can impact an infected machine's performance due to the background activity of the virus.

ELF executables are also infected by overwriting. When an infected ELF application is executed, the virus code takes control, spreads further, and then passes control back to the host file.

In a rather twisted mockery of open source spirit, the original virus code is then stored at the end of the ELF executable.

W32.Winux's coding also contains the following text: "[Win32/Linux.Winux] multi-platform virus byBenny/29A" and "This GNU program is covered by GPL."

GPL is the General Public License that many GNU/Linux programs are released under. The license was designed to encourage the distribution of software with its source code and to encourage people to change and modify as they choose the GPL software that they own.

W32.Winux is a sad use of an extraordinary innovation in software development," said Frank Corinne, a GNU/Linux programmer.

"The idea of some idiot making a virus tagged as a GPL release makes me sick.""

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