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Port Forwarding

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Mine is fixed, had a problem with my computer.

Chlusniembousniem, forward these ports:

UDP - 22003 ---> 22126

TCP - 22005 ---> 22007

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Still closed :/



I changed the start port to "any" (like before) and It works. I don't know why It wont work earlier.


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Hello. I have been suffering the same problem. For a while, I've always been getting the message:

"Port 22126 UDP is closed. Players can not browse!

Port 22003 UDP is closed. Players can not join!

Port 22005 TCP is closed. Players can not download!"

Then today, I went into McAfee Internet Suite > Firewall > Ports and System Services and did this.


But when I go here, it shows that port 22005 TCP is closed.


Also, how can I get it so it queries to

Please help. I just want to manually port forward all the ports so I can finally open a server for once. I don't want to have to purchase PFConfig or buy a LinkSys router. How do I get the rest of the ports forwarded in McAfee Internet Security Suite? I've tried googling for solutions that specifically relate to my modem, but I've gotten no success. I have a feeling the reason why it's working it because it may be connected to the Port Triggering services I've set up on my modem, but for Port Forwarding it says "If your firewall is enabled, the firewall rules take precedence over the Services", so obviously, the Port Forwarding on my Modem has nothing to do with this; it's just the McAfee Firewall that's doing the Port Forwarding. My IP is static by the way.

Also, @chlusniembousniem

How did you change it to "any" port?

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