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Best MTA ? VC or GTA3 ?

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Whats better ?  

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  1. 1. Whats better ?

    • MTA:VC [Vice city]
    • GTA3:MTA [GTA3]

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Ok at this stage in production gta3's version of mta doesnt compare to vc one, simply because gta3's version has more bugs etc compared to the vc version, vc's version also has more built in atm then the gta3 version, chatbox, animations,more skins/cars ,its very simple really ,at this moment vc's version of mta is better then gta3's version.However if its just gta3 and vc then that would be another story.

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aha i think you like work on GTA3:MTA, at your site :

GTA3:MTA 0.4 (50%)

MTA:VC 0.3 (100%)

:_( i hope you fix the 1-4 problems from MTA:VC 0.3...

Its hard to fix animations ?

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