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animation bug :

if i attack another player they clip and fall and run and clip this like an crazy ping pong.

If a other guy go in my car the animation stop and works 5 sek later...

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just a thought man, but use the search button, and post all 3 of your suggestions in one thread...

anyways, i already started a animation thread myself, and it has been discussed elsewhere. you see that pretty button on top that says search? use it ;)

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The problem is, MTA is working from the compiled code. So they have to figure out what does what. They see a string, or command, and they have to guess and/or test it out to see what it does. So they don't know where all the animations are, so they can't syncronize them.

GTAT will have all animations syncronized when it comes out.

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We can do the same as gtaT has (it is using walk to point).

But it will give lag so thats why we dont do it that way.

So you can sync all the animations just like gtat, but the lag would be drasticly higher? I wonder if GTAT will have a lot more lag.

Yes cuz it sends to coords to the actor and the actor will walk to that point.

This will always give more lag but looks smooth

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gtat will not have all animations synced. Far from actually. He has the same problems as we do. He doesn't even have walking animations synced since he uses walk-to-point

Okay I understand. Do you guys work together, and share discovered items like if you find out some more animations you would share the info with him, or if he is playing your mod and he figures out the fix to certain crashes, would he share it with you?

Or do you guys have ninja spies?

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You know so much but you don't know if they work together or not. I don't buy it. They don't. I hope they are not spying on GTAT cause I would hate for MTA to be just a nonplayable game and an unimpressive film clip, I like playing. :lol:

oh your old post in your I like crashes thread, lamer

3.0 is so fun! Especially the crashes.

They come out of nowhere, when I am driving, when I spawn, even when I kill. It is so exciting, not knowing when the next crash will happen.

I love crashes, and personally, this is the best version yet! Good work MTA team!

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wheelman why dont you used a stronger word than slap ??? hum...

Yep like all says, gtat 0.5 will be great when it comes out...like kungfugrip, i wait the release, cause for the moment gtat 0.1->0.3b sux a lot, totally unplayable. So just wait the release and will see if all that awsome secret features works :c)

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