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removed bugs in MTA:VC 0.4 :)

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The first word your mod and your wokr is great but little thinks make the mod perfekt :

1. The bug is if i jump on a bike bakcside the game crashd (its not crash if a driver in front)

2. Animation very hard, i can not see if the enemy player run or i hit him its very bad :_(

Only 2 hard errors but if you correct that the mod will be the perfektest mod ever ;)

(sorry my english is bad, i come from german)

(only ideas)New goodies in 0.4 :

Playable Planes ?

The m60 is not aviable its to hard...

More cars on map

no bugs :lol:

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I have been thinking, that you should bring more action to 1st island. It is a very great place to play, but usually noone is there. I mean mostly south part of 1st island. And more cars. I want to see compact car there. Maybe you should bring Injection to 1st island, such cars would fit more there. =) (I mean rich people, beach...)

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Yeah man . I mean , do you guys think that the MTA team is just too lazy to fix these bugs? Their working as hard as they can ... (how do i know ? Well it is not easy to make a multiplayer mod for VC this advanced) .

And im sure that it they could fix ALL the bugs , they would have ...

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well i didnt say that, but look at his ideas. i can more then understand why someone would say something about this post, but for the record i didnt, i just told him to use search.

the m60 is to hard, more cars, and bla bla has already been sugested numerous times.

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suggestions is one of the most spammed forum sections, spam doesnt mean that they flood for fun, its more like whenever a new mta version is released 50 or more ppl register here and start posting things like: add a plane and boats and fix the cheats....the problem is that some ppl dont even know how to search...we only try to tell them to search, some guys like: search you f*cking n00b! and some like: plz search next time

/me has an idea for a new sig :)


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