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Big Problem

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Hi, i have a Problem:

When I start ACE, there are only folders for the MTA version 0.1 and .02, and not for my 0.3 Version, so I cant connect to any Server. What should I do?

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Ok, that's ok right now, but when i'm playing, i have 3 other problems:

Problem 1:

When i play about 2 min, the Game says :"You are disconnected", and i have to reconnect me.


When I start the MTA Client, and when i press Start Game, it says: "ERROR: MTA_dll.dll could not be located". But when I Press RESET GAME PATH, and when i restart the Client, it works. But i have to do that on every startup of the mta client. reset gamepath, and restart the client... thats very bad...


I CANT CHAT. When i write something (In the Client) and when I press ENTER its away, not in the Chat Window! The same in the Game, when i press t and write something and press ENTER, its away!!

I hope somebody can help me!!

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no, thats not the Problem, the config.cfg is correctly. But that with the Chat is not the main Problem, that I'm disconected in 2mins of Playing, thats the Problem!! Reinstall of MTA doesn't work

Maybe theese Errors in my MTACLIENT can help you:

Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)

Disconnected: Client CRC Check Timeout. (Delay = 10 sec)

i'll get theese Errors when the game disconects me...

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