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Win 2000 Shutsdown??

Guest joecool48842

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I have a problem, I just installed gta3 on a machine running windows 2000, it has a geforce2mx200, its a P3 950MHz. I load the game then bout one minute later it crashes, and the machine completely restarts. This is without using your mod. Anyone know of any fixes...



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Something similar happens to me with an Nvidia GeForce 3 ti 200... the screen freezes, and I have to shut off power to the computer. I've tried different drivers, and configurations, but I just can't seem to fix it.

Check the GTA3 options, and make sure "frame limiter" is selected... your card might just be trying to do too much.

If you still can't find the source of the problem, try switching around different components (I suggest starting with the video card). It's also possible you have a defective piece of equipment...

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You might be able to pin down the problem.

Right-click "My Computer"

Choose: Properties->Advanced->Startup and Recovery

Check off "Automatically Reboot"

Check on "Write an event to the system log"

You can later check the system log:

Right-click "My computer"

Manage->Event Viewer->System

You might be able to pass that info back to the video card support people.

Hope it helps.

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auto rebot @ win2k sux donkey ballz, really who is the genius that thought "umm well if anything goes wrong the user ptobably wants his pc to rebot automaticly..."

Most ppl don't understand blue screens, it is better and more easy for them if the pc just restarts

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Unfortunately, sometimes it takes 10 mins just for XP to stop freezing, and it for every crash in win 98, there are 2 freezes in XP :evil:

XP only crashes when something is wrong (drivers, Bios) where as 98/95/me just crash randomly sometimes, when they have been on to long (bad memory management) or when it is least convient for you.

I swithed to XP 3 months ago and insted of havin 10 crashes aday i get one a month

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i have winxp, before, i never ever got bsods and almost nothing crashed and it never froze. but ever since i got smp, bsod are everywhere! if i dont set the affinity of a 3d game to a single proccessor, it gives me a bsod after 45mins, and i must restart my computer after playing games or ill get a bsod after a while. im never getting smp ever again

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