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Server up/Dload Recomendations

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That sounds about right to me... at 256K upload limit, that's only 32k/sec max you can upload at...

You NEED at LEAST 8k/sec per player, so at 4 players, you're maxed out. And I say need because for best results, I've found you should have about 15k/sec per player (in both directions)

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If your connection is 100mbit then your upload speed is 100mbit ;)

If you mean how many kBYTES/sec should you get with a 100mbit connection (and I'm assuming your UPLOAD is also 100mbit [100mbit = 100,000 kilo bit], not just your download) then your upload speed is:

100,000 divided by 8

= 12,500 k/sec

Which is about 12 megs per second...

So if you really have a 100mbit upload speed, you should be able to upload an entire CD in under 1 minute flat.

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