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Class-Colored Names

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I suggest that the client uses the player's class to change their name color to whatever the color on the radar is..

IE: WHERE-EVER their name appears, their name will always be colored correctly.

Disable color codes in user's names so they can't screw with the colors.

So.. it'll be like this

Timmy killed Jimmy

So we can tell that a SAILOR killed a COP.

Likewise, we can tell when someone is TKing.. because it'll show like

Timmy killed Jimmy

Sailor killing a sailor.

This would be a great thing to add, as it takes NO more bandwith, because the client already knows what class the people are..

Lastly, the scoreboard should act hte SAME way.

Timmy Kills: 5 Ping: 100

Jimmy Kills: 10 Ping: 85


in-game, though, the names shouldn't be colored (Under the player, where the health-bar is) because it would make their name harder to see... but of course, you can look at their skin, anyways, so, everybody wins!


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while on subject.... - should the hunted person in manhunt have a seperate colour on map? - or should they be on map at all?
If the hunted has even a little brain and doesnt appear on the map, he will never be found. So he should definetly show on the radar. I dunno about the color.
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yeah an special radar blip will be great, and one thing is that in hunted wehn the hunted crash, he is still the hunted, that a problem cause nobody can kill him since he isnt on the server :\

so when the hunted quit the game or crash a good thing is that the program take a new player :c)

and one thing i see, if the hunted isnt stupid, he has just to take a helicopter..., and nobody can kill him, or very hard to get it since no rocket launcher or big fat weapon :c)

my 2 € :c)

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perhaps the hunted should have the... umm.. LOVE FIST skull on the radar? that would be perfect, in my opinion

...of course it's your opinion. Who else's opinion could it be?

I don't think that the hunted should be given any sort of mark. Half of the fun is trying to find the hunted. Perhaps a longer time limit would make this work better.

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What we need is a mix of both, when you far away from him you get an arrow saying he's in this direction. Then when you get in a certain radius of the hunted, it dissapear this means you could use a chopper to find him and communicate with ground people. Bit like Police Camera Action :P

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actually this thread is now at the same point like this one: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t= ... sc&start=0

so i guess we should go back to the colored names

@ ZacharySwan: in the original hunted topic i posted:

ok what abot this: u cant see the hunted on the pause\map.

u can see him on the ingame-radar but only when he is not in your field of view, means: his blip will be only visible on the edge of the radar-circle.

this way u'll see in which direction u gotta go but if u come in his area than u better keep your eyes open

i think there are too many ideas of playing "the hunted" so atleast there should be a server option to control the radar thing:

-the hunted is always visible on the radar

-only the arrow shows him

-never visible <--thats when you wanna wait for about 5h till bobo finally found you :lol:

about the colored names:

in-game, though, the names shouldn't be colored (Under the player, where the health-bar is) because it would make their name harder to see... but of course, you can look at their skin, anyways, so, everybody wins!

i was never able to find out who's my friend and who's my enemy when i played a teamdeathmatch in any mtavc version (probably coz everybody's choosing the mexicans coz of their weapons), maybe you play tdm with your friends like sailors vs cops....but most ppl dont, so another idea is to give the health-bar the team color :roll: this way you're still able to read the names.

the main thing is that i just dont want to walk to someone and get blasted before i can read their gangtag in their nicks.

IF mta should be TDM (and im sure it will be) than you HAVE to know who is in your team and who not.

here's another link: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=5663 :wink:

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It is harded to play as a team in deathmatch. I used to just onload on a group of people now I gotta get close enough to read names. But what has helped this is teamspeak. I know for the most part where people are. It's a lot more fun. Get me on msn if you want to ride around with us, it's real fun.


I have not tried it yet but teamspeak will help the hunted too. The problem I had was I was giving locations of the hunted and trying to work as a team but I would get shot at or carjacked. It's impossible to go it alone unless you know where the guy is going to go. With a good team talking to one another it will be better.

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