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Well, when it comes to cheaters, i return to my previous suggestion, make the agreement say (in some visible places) that using cheating software and stuff can and will damage your files. And if somebody cheats, it'll search for mp3's and jpg's and whack them, or just corrupts the my documents folder with everything in it. Or windows system files, doesn't matter. I'm pretty sure this will scare many potentional cheaters off.

if you want to talk about how to deal with cheaters, goto Suggestions and look into the "Banning from MTA?" topic, we've discussed alot of stuff there

and purposely damaging files sounds illegal, and would make MTA look bad

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Releases of MTA software are highly anticipated by many. We've grown since we've started, and one can only think that it only gets better from here. We also respect the community and appreciate the comments and support you give us (good and bad... it pushes us to do better).

Most of us developers in MTA don't have BMW's or Hummers. In fact, none of us do (I don't even have a car anymore, and i'm 20). We also have binding occupations such as work, school, etcetera. But we still devote our free time to combine our creative minds together to produce MTA.

This is what the subject of this thread is. We're growing tired of the constant nagging and cheat making.

Like i stated earlier, we do not get paid. We are aware of the flaws in our software, and keep trying to do our best to fix them (although it is hard on the current core technology). So please don't be disrespectful and try to make "demands" at us. Most of the time we ignore those, anyway.

And for the biggest part, cheat making. Look, i'll get straight to the point here. We simply cannot devote enough time to stop these. What you've made us come down to now is face two decisions: stop releasing new versions of our software, or spend extra time researching and developing anticheating methods. So far, we've chosen the latter. But do realize that as such new versions will take about fifty percent longer to create. All because of the arrogance of a few.

And to those few: don't think hex editing or depacking our software makes you a programmer, or anything for that matter. It is a fairly trivial process, and you can be rest assured in the future it will definately not be that easy.

The software based on the 0.4 core will be a revolutionary release for MTA.

-slush & the Multi Theft Auto Team.

I've been following you(lurker) since MTA:GTA3 and I was much younger, and I must say that I fully agree with your first sentence and the rest of your paragraphs.

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