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hey im well kind of a n00b and well i can definitly execute sum sick corkscrews and flips and well etc,etc but i have a hard time landing them corectly i always seem to slide backwards when i hit the ground on my bike and fall off and sum times i cant even touch the ground. i was wondering if sum one could gimme sum tips and pointers or advice

thx in advance 8)

p.s. im not sure if this is the correct place to post this, sry if i cuase inconvenience.

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To do a simple jump . Press

Accelerate , then right when your on top of the ramp press the turn left or right botton then press the weelie botton (default is 6 on keypad)


After all the time i have played vc , i have leraned that there is never a safe land for these crazy jumps . (unless you just jump and fall like straigh ) So you have to go mostly with luck . But to minimize the chances of you falling , try to lad with your front wheel . No like completely straigh down but try to make the front wheel touch the ground first .

Pro Tip : You can do jumps by hitting stuff acidently and making the bike or car spin . But with bikes , the botton that you have to use to do stunts is the balance botton (defult is 6 and 9) the 6 one does wellies and the 9 does that front wheel thing .

To master stunt you cant jsut ask people . Play vc , learn the keys and just practice , you get better for sure

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well guys i can actually land sum of my tricks......by the way like i said b4 i kno how to execute the tricks just couldnt land them u kno so really u wasted ur timetyping the rest beside the landing tips but thx a lot ne ways i really owe it to u soon i am going to make a vid its just i gotta get fraps working.........stupid thing urrrggghhhh :evil: ......for sum reason i hit the f9 and then it flashes rec just for a sec and then when i goto look at my vid its only 2 kb mad sux :cry:

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