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How to put maps on the server

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I created a map for "map editor" within the MTA.

Already accessed one site and converted this map to a code.

Now I would like to know where to place this code.

I would like to know how to put this map on my server MTA!

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You don't need to convert a map created with the orginal MTA map editor to a "code"! Just search for your map resource in:

\MTA San Andreas 1.3\mods\deathmatch\resource\ 

Now upload the whole folder (there is a meta.xml and *.map file inside) to your MTA server. On the server put that folder into:


Afterwards type refresh into the F8 console and see whether your map is loaded. At last you only need to write start into the F8 console and the map objects will be loaded.

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Have you found my map.

He is in the format. Map, fine.

Now we just have to create the meta.xml, right?

And what I put in it?

I downloaded 1 map and meta.xml was this:

    <info gamemodes="race" type="map" name="Dinghy Race" author="Donfrancisco" version="1.0.0" /> 
    <map src="Dinghy" dimension="0" /> 
        <setting name="#skins" value='[ "cj" ]' /> 
        <setting name="#maxplayers" value="[ 128 ]" /> 
        <setting name="#gamespeed" value="[ 1 ]" /> 
        <setting name="#ghostmode" value='[ "true" ]' /> 
        <setting name="#time" value="12:0" /> 
        <setting name="#vehicleweapons" value='[ "false" ]' /> 
        <setting name="#minplayers" value="[ 0 ]" /> 
        <setting name="#weather" value="[ 0 ]" /> 
        <setting name="#gravity" value="[ 0.008000 ]" /> 
        <setting name="#waveheight" value="[ 0 ]" /> 
        <setting name="#respawntime" value="[ 5 ]" /> 
        <setting name="#locked_time" value="[ false ]" /> 
        <setting name="#duration" value="[ 1800 ]" /> 
        <setting name="#respawn" value='[ "timelimit" ]' /> 

help... thanks

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It's a race map, I see. Forget about the part with the start I told you in my previous post then. You don't need to create a meta.xml. The map editor is already setting up your map the way you can just upload and play it.

Just upload it to the mentioned folder, do a refresh in F8 and you will be able to do "/nextmap Dinghy Race" in order to play your map!

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