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|TSA| - Tactical Stealth Assassins

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Hey guys,

TSA - Tactical Stealth Assassins, TSA is our new name for our former clan S-18 - Section 18. I decided to create TSA with new members, that are both hard working and dedicated, Since many people left Stealth, we are wanting old clans to start playing Stealth again because we want to make Stealth alive again. We would be interested in playing TCW's and Clanwars. This is a old Gamemode which many people used to play, Old Clans such as TSA and GCC are trying our best to get old Stealth players and clans to play Stealth again! If you are interested, pop down to TSA's and GCC's Server. You already might know GCC, but here is a little information about TSA! If you are out there, we are wanting every old Stealth player to start playing Stealth again! Spread the word guys, thank you.

Looking for a Stealth Server to play in?

TSA - Tactical Stealth Assassins:

Youtube Channel: - Our YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel: - TSA Founder's YouTube Channel.

TSA Forums - - Visit us for more information about us.

Our MTA Server IP: mtasa://

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!



Make sure to register in order to access our forums and the Member List.

By the way, my new name is Hype, Stryder was my old name.


|TSA|Hype - Founder of |TSA|

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