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Is MTA 0.3r2 still giving anyone problems?

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It seems since that was released no one's having problems with it anymore, but I'm still having a lot of problems. It seems like I'm lagging a lot. I mean, I'm on 56k, but my lag was minimal as long as I chose my servers carefully. Now I'm having all kinds of problems with it. I also get CRC Check Timeouts all the time for some reason, even though I'm in the game. Is anyone else still having problems with it?

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iv noticed that for me at least, the crc timeouts only happen when im playing on a foriegn server thats overloaded. just in case that helps....

tell me something tho. u being a 56kr, does the running animation stop? or do they appear to be warping because they will keep running, then appear somewhere else when they resync?

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