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Cops Vs Robbers - Weekly Battles


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I wanna start a gd friendly competition with the GOOD players in MTA and non of the whinging pussys u get amognst some of the clans. So basically leave ur name here if u wanna join, we need 8 cops and 8 robbers, m this will be an ongoing thing and the day hasnt been set for battles yet i wanna see if the is any interest.

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owww, owww, owwww, i love that. but, since i won't be able to play some times and i don't even know the times you guys will be playing etc...put me on the list then...but get about 2 extra names on each team.

so you need about 10 cops and 10 robbers.

there are always at LEAST 4 people who don't show up with or without a reason........and since im a busy man :P ... i won't always be able to play

i think i know 2 other people who wanna be on da list too

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So lets pick a time . . .I have a server I can place a password on so only the designated teams can get in. I know a few fellas . . both cop and not who would be game. Lets quit jabbing about it and do it . .. this weekend sound good to anyone?

I have no life . .so let me know.


Oh, and to those who do not know me . . . just because I have few posts, doesn't make me a "noob" I have been playing for awhile now, just not too fond of message boards . . .I have too many to keep up with as it is.

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^^ Calm down o_O

The battles will be on Saturday night at 10pm GMT.

The team script will be used to keep scores, We will use the #gangwar channel in mta irc for the prematch stuff, so make sure ur in the channel an hour before.

No reason why it cant start this week except maybe the lack of (good)players, so if we say its on for Saturday 10pm GMT this week and see how it goes.

See you all there.

(P.S If you KNOW your an irratating, argumentitive mofo, dont even think of coming along)

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Come On moFo's We NEEEED More PEOPLE !





Rocket Guns





Black Dragon


Not Sure About These 2, Nvr heard of them.



Just A Note:

The Cops vs Robbers will most likely be played in Teamplay Mode, with Robbers being Red and Cops Being Blue, Also U MUST BE either Cop or Robber, No mexicans or sailors etc. NO CLAN TAGS WHILE PLAYING ! This is going to have nothing to do with clans at all and u can keep the clan politics crap outta the server , UR There to play not to bitch !

:!: Any n00bs complaining repedtly will be kicked

:!: Any Cheaters Will be kicked

:!: Any arguements u will be kicked

:!:irc://irc.multitheftauto.com/gangwar :!:

Goto the IRC room about 9pm GMT so we can get everything prepared.

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