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Web Servers.


Witch do you think is best?  

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  1. 1. Witch do you think is best?

    • Apache
    • IIS

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Allright recently i formated to windows server 2003 enterprize realy like it makes xp look like 95 and it dont come with all the junk. if tweaked right it makes one of the best gaming os and great for hosting web servers and is very secure.

now heres the thing when i used to use xp i used to run the Apache web server with sql/php/perl to run some scripts like phpnuke sites and a few pearl scripts. i got to looking around the features of win2003 and it comes with IIS 6 witch allows .asp pages. so now that its there i figured i try it out. so whats the problem?

well im totaly new to this IIS stuff im used to apache's setup seemed to be very secure but now im running ISA firewall on this pc and it gives me problems with apache but allows me to run a IIS server with no probs.

so i want to hear your opinions on these webservers witch one should i go with. im going for the one with best security i have had many sites i setup taken down with apache from exploits but some can be prevented not sure if this will be as secure what do ya think?

realy want to hear the good/bad sides to using these from your experiances with them so i can learn a bit more about them before i stick with one.

and no i dont want to format to linux for a webserver i have been down that road before. yes its a great os for a server but i use this pc for gaming as well as hosting a few websites. and it dont support all the games i like to play :)

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IIS has a horrible security record.

Performance on Apache 2.0+ has increased on Windows platforms due to the removal of POSIX emulation - everything in Apache 2.0+ is natively handled in Windows.

Neither is very secure on Windows nor gives you much flexibility. But if I had to run a webserver on a Winblows box, it would most definately be Apache.

Configuration for Apache is very plain, and you always know what is going on. IIS, on the other hand, you just have to hope...

Need more resourceS? Just ask.

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