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Well im not sure if this is the right place to post this but here it goes.

Well i have been in a few servers now and i see alot of people shouting you cheater and abuse at the other players and have been called a cheat alot... It is very sad to be called a cheater when ur not it makes me annoyed that people have nothing to better to do then call someone a cheat becouse he lost the fight, Today i went into

]GamesClan.it[ GTANetwork.it MTA VC 0.3 Server I was killing people and killed a guy called [VCPC]PigBG or something he called me a cheater and he knew the admin so he told him to ban me for "cheating" well i wasnt.

Anyway id like to say to the admins please check before you act i know alot of admins will do, And to other MTA players try and be nice to ur fellow MTA players as you are only spoiling it for everyone so instead of being abusive and insulting could you atlest try and be alittle more constructive Thanks :)

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The MTA Admins only control the Official Game Servers, so happening in any other Server cannot be influenced by us nor will be try to resolve any conflicts caused by them.

If you have a problem on an Official Server, then you may talk to us.

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Well for a matter of fact...

A lot of people do cheat.

It is VERY easy to write over the files in gta:vc.

Im just saying that people go and chnage the top speed and there passengers.

VERY EASY TO LET U NO, 9i dont do it cuz its gay and not fun)

So people are just dumb, thats it

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Surely they should think about banning last time i checked the admins of server usally acted abit more mature. But if someone is better then them you can more or less tell that ur gonna get called a cheater or shouted a abuse at you and if the admin can't take it no doubt you will get banned. All im asking is before acting and judgeing making sure that there right couse its only gonna spoil it for there server in the end.

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It happens, people cheat so it cast doubt on anyone who doesn't die when you "think" you hit them.

90% of the time if you lead them a little more you will hit them

As a policy the KFC gang has this rule.

8. Avoid accusing people of cheating when you think it is a Health cheat. That's impossible to prove and it makes us look like crybabies. If you see a minigun, speeekhack, flying car or the Flash that's another story.

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ah back in days when i got a server with a friend, there was only one and a certain rule - not to call anybody cheater unless u no everything about mta probs, ping, sync etc. Ban was easy to come but fortunately most of ppl got the point.

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eh? are u spamming again kfg? *looks at the rest of his posts* stop spamming man :lol:

im not spamming to get my post count up, im just bored in this class so i answer every possible question :)

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