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radar colors


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I have a few questions about the radar marks

*Whats' the difrence between a triangle and a square?

*What's is it if the radar show yellow?

This stands in the manual and that's my respons


Pale blue =correct


Purple = naw more like brown


Bright Pink = correct


Green = correct


Dark Blue = not sure


Light Green = not sure

pls tell me if my responses are correct and answer if the VCC shows dark blue and if the racer shows light green !

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/\ this triangle shows some person is located higher than you are

\/ this triangle shows some person is located lower that you are

Square means person is on same height as you are

dunno about yellow, that's unloaded i guess, dunno, who cares!

robber color is surely brown

if it was purple i would never be a robber

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colors don't really mean a whole lot, in fact i think mine showed colors the first time i played, and never after that. the point is tho it's a giant world of sickos out there, just because someone is a cop,and you are a cop, well, if you stand still too long you won't be standing much longer if you get my drift hehe

as for yellow, ALL of my blips show up yellow, guess it's just something with the client, a default color, i unno

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Dark Purple (Brown?) = Robber

Green = Sailor

Pink (Bright Purple?) = Mexican

Blue (Cyan?) = Cop

Light Blue (Bright Blue?) = Racer

Yellow = VCC

Yes, sometimes all the blips are yellow. This doesn't mean they are all VCC. I see this happen usually after a crash. It normally will fix itself after someone dies and respawns.

Skins still seem to be a problem, so if you're looking for teammates, go by names not by skins.

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